Since most of you must be aware that previously this site was hosted on, I would like to highlight the changes done in the transfer process :

– All posts and comments have been transferred.

– Few of the earlier posts have been re-framed and larger images have been added. You can now click on the images and see the complete image.

“Classified Posts” page has been changed completely.

– There is no change in the “Recorded Games” page.

“FAN Sites” page and “About me” page has been added.

– Previous blog ( subscribers have to again enroll on this site. Sorry for the inconvenience.

– Google Translator option has been added on the right-hand side bar. I don’t know how much accurate it would be. But it should be very helpful for the people who don’t know English.

This site is active since 28th June, 2014.

Note that this site works best on firefox and chrome. In case, if you come across any errors, kindly drop me an email at

30th June,2014 – “Steam Updates” page is added.