Hey friends! This post mainly goes for upcoming nomad players. I first came across this strategy way back in 2012 when I started playing with advanced players. They gave me an opportunity to play with them. Still remember the player who did this against me. It was one of the great nomad players named THE_GREEK. It was something new for me and I lost my city to his tower. Sounds hilarious! Yes, lost a city to his tower and was defeated by the time I reached ‘Age 2’.

Note: There are multiple ways a tower can be used. In this post I’m focusing mainly on the strategy to reduce a city. No other tower strategies.

I’ve already covered up building placements in part 1 and part 2 earlier. In this post, I’ll tell you how to use a tower to get a city.


In this strategy, a tower is created close to your opponent’s building (mainly city) such that the building (city) is in it’s range of fire.

This strategy is mainly performed in Classical Age (Age 1) in Nomad format.

Match Up – City vs Tower (Age 1):

Tower Strategy

Comparing the building details:

  • Range of fire – Equal (10)
  • Strength – Tower leads 12 to 9
  • Armor – Tower leads 4 to 3
  • But the city has much higher points (Generally 1200 but has exceptions) compared to a tower (750). It also has a larger radius which helps it defend against the tower.
  • Note that the garrison power by default is 0. In this case, they have garrisoned units.

How is it done?

– Firstly, you should be able to identify the situation as to when you can do it. Look at the image below. You will observe that the city borders are quite close to the tower.

Tower Strategy

– As you have identified the situation to build a tower, take 3-4 villagers or more and start building it. The trick is to build it before your opponent notices it else your opponent would defend it (Will be discussed later in the post).

– Once the tower is build, it starts attacking the city. In around 1-2 minutes you will soon have the whole city reduced to 0 and you can easily take it with an heavy infantry (HI – Barracks).

– An awesome strategy which can give you an extra city if you do it rightly. Remember! You have to sneak in a tower. So, I’ll suggest you to use lots of villagers to build it asap.

So how do I defend it?

– By default, a city does not fire arrows unless your nation is “Maya”. In order to fire arrows, you have to garrison 2 villagers minimum into it or 1 army unit will also do.

– So, the city starts firing the incomplete tower and your opponent can’t build it.

It’s very important to be attentive else your opponent might sneak in a tower. So, the moment your city seems to have less borders try being more attentive on that city.

– Build a temple as soon as possible. Your city will simply have increased borders.

– Push borders and spy it. Build a temple. Research extra civic and simply try to get the tower inside your territory (Use temple’s ‘Religion’ update if needed). Once this is done, use your senator (Republic general) and spy the tower. The strategy will backfire on your opponent.

– In case you can’t do any of this, last resort is to research Military 2 and destroy using tower using sieges.

Video demonstration for/against this strategy:

Some tips FOR the strategy:

  • Make sure that the city is in the range of the tower. Estimate well! Or else your opponent will build a temple and the strategy might backfire. Or the city is out of the range of the tower and the strategy is a complete failure.
  • In case you realize that your strategy is failing, raze the tower. It’s better to lose some resources rather than giving up the tower to the opponent.
  • If you are short of wood, I’ll suggest avoid this strategy. It doesn’t make sense investing 62 wood (In general) if you are less in resources.
  • When you are Romans, you can build a tower without researching Military 1. Many players don’t know this. Take advantage of this.
  • Koreans can complete the tower even when the opponent’s city is firing arrows at it. You’ll need 4-5 villagers and you’ll have your tower ready. So, don’t miss this strategy when you are Koreans.
  • You repair the tower only if you are Koreans and you have ample resources. Else it’s a waste of resources.
  • Definitely go for this strategy when you are Koreans, Romans Or Maya because they have cheaper towers compared to other nations. Maya has the strongest towers.
  • Most of the good players are very attentive. So, don’t bother executing this strategy with 1-2 villagers. Instead use 5-6 villagers and have him distracted somewhere else. Example Use a villager to attack his caravan or merchant or any building somewhere on the other city. Your opponent will look there. At the same time, try to sneak in the tower. It’s hard but sometimes successful.

Some tips AGAINST the strategy:

  • It’s very important to get your city fire arrows. You can’t garrison units beyond a certain building point. Don’t come in that situation where you’ll need to put archers to defend the city.
  • Suppose you spot your opponent making a tower. Let it complete 70-80% and then garrison villagers. He can’t complete tower and ends up wasting resources.
  • Suppose you realize that you can get the tower inside your borders later by temple-border push. Let your opponent make it and later bribe it with your senator.
  • Sometimes the opponent’s tower is out of your city’s firing range. You realize that the tower will fire at other buildings. Start building a tower simultaneously and complete it before your opponent. Or else you can send villagers to attack his villagers and slow his tower progress.

I think I have covered everything about this strategy. In case I’ve missed anything, do comment below. In case you liked it or it helped you win a game, do drop a comment and share your experience.

It’s been a year since my last post. Life’s been busy and about to get busier . But the good news is I’ll continue blogging regularly. At least one post/month I certainly will. Already got some posts in drafts. Working on some updates on the site too. Will update it soon.

Note: For any feedback/suggestion/recommendation you can always drop an email to strategicallrounder@gmail.com