Hello Friends! Here goes another basic post in which I’ll be listing down the benefits of fishing ships over farms along with some tips which would help you decide whether to fish or farm.

Fishing Ships1

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“Farms Before Fish” Strategy (Complete Failure):

When I was new to the game, I always use to build farms (5-10 in two cities) and then start fishing. And every time my opponent used to out-boom me. Never realized the importance of fishing before farms.

I call this strategy a complete failure because it gives you a slow start and fails completely in the long run.

So why does this strategy fails?

I’ll explain this with some calculations. Take a look at the figures below:

Fishing Ships2

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Note: There are exceptions in the above figures. Example. Japanese, Mongols, Nubians, Indians. It’s not compulsory to raze dock. Raze it only when you are building a second dock or when it’s not required.

Well you can clearly see that you get extra 530 Wealth (Considering 5 minutes duration) when you prefer fishing over farming.

Let me tell you that it takes around 4-8 minutes to generate a wealth of 530. And it’s the most difficult resource to gather fast. The trade-off of investing 50-134 Wood more and losing out 40-100 Food for fishing is totally worth it for gathering 530 wealth along with 500 Food.

So, if you don’t fish early then you are definitely going to lose in the long run.

“Fish before Farm” Strategy (Recommended)

How should I go about ?

Standard Format:

If its a sea map or a land map with water then you should start as follows:

  • Research “Science 1” followed by “Commerce 1”.
  • Select all villagers and put them on woodcutter.
  • Build Dock and start fishing.
  • If possible build 1 more woodcutter and make sure you get 100 wood.
  • After this you build market and carry on with your boom. Make sure you have 3-4 fishing ships followed by villagers on farms to hit 100 Food at start.

Exception: If you are Japanese/Mongols/Maya/Indians then I’ll recommend you to build 2-3 farms because they are cheap and then start with fishing. But don’t wait long to fish. Else you’ll miss the wealth benefit.

Nomad Format:

If its a sea map or a land map with water then you should start as follows:

  • Build city with 5 farms and get villagers on woodcutter.
  • Build Library Research “Commerce 1”.
  • Build dock before market (Build market before dock if you have wealth rares nearby) and start fishing. NOTE: This is one of the trickiest decision to make.
  • Once dock is build you should put all villagers on wood and try replacing farms with fishing ships.
  • Try to have maximize fishing ships because with every fishing ship you’ll get 10 wealth/30 secs.

Some Important Tips While Making This Decision:

  • Make sure your fishing ship goes on fishes which gives 10 Food and 10 Wealth and not Whales which gives 10 Food and 10 Metal.
  • Don’t go for “Fish over Farms” strategy if you are unsure of the number of fishes in the pond. Esp on “Great Lakes” map it might be a very bad decision. In such scenario, fish at a little later stage after you have 5 farms.
  • Make sure you raze your dock on “Great Lakes” map when you shift to different ponds. Because its expensive to build second dock.
  • Don’t fish in a pond having 1-2 fishes. If you don’t have other ponds then fish at a later stage and not at start or it might slow you down further.

Some More Calculations To Make You Decide Better:

Fishing Ships3

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Just to summarize this post I’ll say that it’s always a trade-off and you should pick the best strategy start based on your scenario. But you should definitely fish when you see water.

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