You see “Game Stats” at the end of every game.

Playbacks - Game Stats 1

If you click on “Quit” without checking out “Game Stats” then you are doing a BIG mistake. Game Stats help you to compare yourself with other players in the game. It also let’s you know at which point you lost the lead or gained lead against your opponents. So, its very importance to give it a glance at least.

What is “Game Stats”?

Game Stats gives a statistical feedback of the performance and achievements of all the players in the game.

Have a look at the image below:

Playbacks - Game Stats 2

That’s how “Game Stats” screen looks-like. There are about 13 tabs – Game, Score, Military, Economy, Research, Glory, Speed, Score Graph, Military Graph, Territory Graph, Resource Graph, Technology Graph, Timeline.

I’ve explained each of them as follows:

1) Game Tab:

What does it show?

This gives a summary of the winners and the most valuable players (One from each team) of the game.

What should I look for?

– Nothing important as such on this screen.

– The most valuable players are the ones who have the highest points in their respective teams. But note that it doesn’t show the best player of the game. Having highest points doesn’t mean you were the best player of the game.

2) Score Tab and Score Graph Tab:

Playbacks - Game Stats 3

What does it show?

It gives a split-up of the total score with respect to Army, Combat, Territory, City, Economy, Research and Wonders.

Total Score = Army + Combat + Territory + City + Economy + Research + Wonders

What to look for?

– In how many sections were you the best. Just give it a glance!

Also check the “Score Graph” tab to find out the point where you got the lead or lost the lead. For example, if at 16:11 minutes you have got a sudden spike in the score graph then at that point of time you have excelled in any of the sections (Army/Combat/Territory/City/Economy/Research/Wonders).

– Note that the Score tab gives an overall summary after the completion of the game. So, it might happen that a player has the most fight at the start of the game and barely survives towards the end. Hence, his final combat points would be lower compared to superpower player who survives till the end.

3) Military Tab and Military Graph Tab:

Playbacks - Game Stats 4 What does it show?

It gives a snapshot of your military power.

What to look for?

– Always check for 3 columns : “Largest Army” , “Units Killed” and “Units Lost”.

– In game formats like nomad/infinite, player with the largest army generally wins. So, its important to know how many units did you have compared to your opponent. Again, make sure you check the Military Graph to find out the point when you had a battle (Shown by Swords Symbol on the graph) and also check the trend of army.

– Its very important to see “Units Killed” and “Units Lost” numbers. I’ll suggest you to equate them like “Units Killed by Units Lost”.

– This would give you a clear idea about your Army Micro-Management i.e. How efficiently you handle your armies.

Example: Player A has Units Killed as 20 and Units Lost as 10. While player B has Units Killed as 30 and Units Lost as 10. Now, equating “Units Killed/Units Killed” we can say that one unit of player A killed 2 units. While 1 unit of player B killed 3 units. So, player B has a better army micro-management compared to player A.

4) Economy Tab:

Playbacks - Game Stats 5

What does this tab show?

Gives a snapshot of your economic play.

What to look for?

– Its very important to check this tab.

– Compare your economy (Food collected/Timber collected/Wealth collected/Knowledge collected/Metal collected/Oil collected) to your opponents and allies.

– Always compare “Wealth Collected”. Because in most of the cases, a player having more wealth collected will generally have more knowledge collected. If you see that your wealth collected is lower then it might happen that you have created less markets or your opponent benefited from wealth rares like Diamonds. I’ll blog about wealth collection in my future posts.

– Always compare “Ruins Bonuses”. They give a rough estimate of your scouting style. If you have very low “Ruins Bonuses” compared to your opponents and allies then it shows that your scouting skills aren’t good enough.

5) Research Tab:

Playbacks - Game Stats 6What does this tab show?

This tab shows how fast you age up.

What to look for?

– Only check out “Misc. Research” count. Your economy is linked to this count. Generally a player having more “Misc. Research” count has a better economy compared to others. (Not applicable in all cases)

6) Glory Tab:

Playbacks - Game Stats 7

What does this tab show?

Again this tab also gives a snapshot of your economic play.

What to look for?

– Look for 2 things i.e “Most Citizens” and “Most Scholars”. Player having more citizens generally has a better economy. Player having more scholars has more knowledge.

7) Player Speed Tab:

Playbacks - Game Stats 8What does this tab show?

It gives an estimate of your speed i.e Micro-Management Speed and not Skills.

What to look for?

– If you find your micro-management speed slower compared to other players then you need to compare yourself with other players.

– See why your opponent was faster than you. Does he uses hotkeys more? Does he form control groups? How does he use the mini-map?

It’s been a very elongated post. I’ve summarized everything in the image below:

Playbacks - Game Stats 9

Please do comment and ask questions below. Expert players can also give their comments and correct me if I’m wrong at anything. Your comments are most welcomed!