Continuation of “Playbacks – Introduction

There are two ways to view playbacks (recorded games).

Way 1 :

When you have finished your game.

Playbacks - How to view

Way 2:

By accessing your replays via game. – Multiplayer Game -> Recorded Game Playback.

Playback - How To View 2

– To view any replay you just have to paste it in the following path : ” My Documents\My Games\Rise of Nations\Recorded Games\Multi”. By default you have the same folder as above.

Now you have loaded the playback. You’ll have the following controller widget on the screen.

Playbacks - How to View 3I’m sure the buttons and their description are self-explanatory.

Also check out the RoN Rec Renamer. It is very handy while dealing with playback files.

This is how you can view a playback. In the next post, I’ll explain you how to learn from a playback. What all factors to look for in a playback.