I’m happy to publish this guest post written by |IND|_DangerousDave. Who is he? One of the best players in the game playing since 2008 and the best player of the IND Clan. After writing a couple of posts – “Booming (Expert Guidelines)” and “Indian Elephant Raid“, he has now come up with an another post on “Raid Defense”.

I have already written a post about booming in general some time ago, and I have mentioned there that with good booming comes good raid defense. I’ll go into details now about my own techniques.

Firstly, the most important thing is SCOUTING. What I mean by this, is scouting your surroundings and finding your weak spots. Next thing to do is to cover your weak spots with towers or units. It’s pretty usual to tower your wood-camps/mines. BUT your tower placement is very important. Check the possible raiding routes of your opponent. Caravan routes are VERY important to protect because on land maps they produce 2/3 of your wealth income (or more). In the following picture i towered my caravan route.

Raid Defense - TowerLater i protected my first city (Washington) with an archer and my capital too.

In the next picture I’ve fortified my first city further to stop incoming raids and used my scout on patrol to discover any incoming units. Important thing to note: Never build your fort forward, instead fortify economic buildings behind. In the front it can get sieged, or worse, getting caught while building it. Know more about “Building Placements”

Raid Defense - Tower2Early on the senator is a very useful unit because it can bribe enemy units and has significant hit points and speed. Bribe the heavy units and finish the rest off with archers and light cavalry. Be careful though, because if the senator gets killed the enemy gets +100 wealth. Always pay close attention when bribing and run away in time if the opponent attacks it. That way enemy units will get distracted and your army can kill them off.

Raid Defense - SenatorNotice that my senator’s hit points are low. Actually I tried to bribe but my opponent noticed it and attacked my senator. Hence, I had to move my senate away. After his army chased my senator and didn’t kill it, my army decimated his and he had to run away.

Raid Defense - Senator2Sometimes the enemy will try to ambush you and it can do pretty nasty damage to your economy as its a surprise attack against your villagers. To prevent that, build lookout(s), tower(s) or plant scout(s) near your cities.

Raid Defense - ScoutUpgrading scouts to explorers (Medieval Age) will allow them to hide and you can detect any incoming raider in time without the opponent knowing and you will always have the upper hand.

Use the terrain to your advantage. City placement is very important. In the picture below I placed both my cities behind the river so that my opponent can’t do army raids on me.

Raid Defense - Scout2Later as I expected, he made a formidable army and tried to army raid me between my 2nd and 3rd city to damage my caravan routes. With proper micromanagement and using the terrain to my advantage I forced him to retreat.

Raid Defense - River FightHe succeeded in killing one of my caravans, but at a big cost. I lured his army into the river by first retreating (1) then I attacked him (2) while his army was standing in the river. This caused him to suffer significantly higher damage and had to retreat, which was again hard because the river slowed him down, resulting in losing more units.

Raid Defense - CastleAs mentioned above, build your fort so that it protects your economy and/or caravan routes. Here I covered the key raiding points with the castle and tower, also preventing ambush with a lookout tower. Note that the wood-camp in my second city is unprotected and is behind the river. I lost a lot of villagers there and later I decided to gather timber in my safer 3rd city.

Another trick to protect your villagers early on is by using ambush with your patriot (works with both despot and senator). This way the opponent’s units won’t see your villagers and can’t kill them.

Raid Defense - AmbushHowever, this doesn’t work out if the opponent has a scout nearby, or if you’re Iroquois. It’s a bug in the game, Iroquois can’t use ambush (probably because they are already hidden in their territory, guess the developers didn’t think of this one).

Some Important Tips:

– Always get senator as early as possible, scout your opponent’s whereabouts, try to know what your opponent’s plan might be.
– Cover key raiding points, don’t make too many units, mainly focus on your booming.
– If the opponent army raids you with despot, obviously you will have less units and have to pay very close attention not to let them wander around and get killed.
– Keep your units close to a garrison (city or tower). Let your archers fire and pick off enemy units one by one, garrison them when they are in danger.
– Micromanagement is the key here.

Thank You Dave for writing such an exquisite post.