Finally, STEAM releases Extended Edition on 12th June, 2014. Many of us were waiting for this moment. I’m a bit late to write about this. But, I wanted to explore it completely and then only write about it. Also, it took me 2 weeks to build this site. So, how exactly is the “Extended Edition” different from the former “Thrones and Patriots” version?

Before I highlight the major changes I would like to tell you about the events which took place after the extended edition was released.

– The game was released on 12th June, 2014 having a size of 1.3 GB. It had so many bugs in it such as “sound problems”, “sudden increase in CPU utilization”, “lag during gameplay”, “random crash during solo gaming”, etc.

– Plenty of players regretted the pre-order. I must have seen so many complaints on the steam forum. Some of players were unable to launch the game as well. It was a buggy game. Then, there were rumors as well. “Developers killed the game”, “They won’t fix it”, “I want a refund”, “Steam Extended Edition killed RoN”. And the saddest part was that the players who didn’t owned the game commented more about the bugs. Giving it a complete negative publicity. I also found the game buggy but I had faith in the developers because the platform is STEAM.

– All these things lasted for a day or two and the developers launched the first update on 14th June. An update which made the players know that the developers are there to give support and fix their issues.

Till date about 5 updates have been released. For more details visit the following page : “Steam Updates”.

Steam Releases Extended Edition - Patch Updates– When you’ll go through the update details, you’ll see that plenty of the bugs have been fixed up. The developers have silenced the critics, not all but most of them. Presently, the game has minor bugs. Players do keep posting them on the forums and the developers are addressing their issues which shows their commitment towards the game. At the end of the day, the game is very much playable and you’ll find about 500 players playing it at the same time. Refer the following link for more details:

So What’s New?

– Go through the following images (Click on the images for full-screen mode). They will give you a glimpse of the Extended Edition :

Steam Releases Extended Edition 1 Steam Releases Extended Edition 2 Steam Releases Extended Edition 3







– New Graphics Options :

Steam Releases Extended Edition - Options







– A different lobby compared to Gamespy : ELO rating column is added. A different type of group chat and the display of the number of players online is recently added. This screenshot was taken on 9:00 am GMT or else you’ll find about 10-15 games hosted.

Steam Releases Extended Edition - Lobby







– There are no changes in the staging part. Full games and running games aren’t shown in the lobby.

– Check out the difference in graphics between EE and TAP:

Left-hand side images are of Extended Edition. Right-hand side images are of Thrones and Patriots.

Steam Releases Extended Edition - EE1 Steam Releases Extended Edition - TAP1Steam Releases Extended Edition - EE2Steam Releases Extended Edition - TAP2








Steam Releases Extended Edition - EE3Steam Releases Extended Edition - TAP3

Steam Releases Extended Edition - EE4Steam Releases Extended Edition - TAP4







(Use the middle button of the mouse to open each image in a different window)

– New effects have been added when you drop a nuclear missile.

– Achievements and global rankings have been added on STEAM.

– I haven’t explored the solo gaming part in detail. But, I found it same as before.

– These were the major changes which were observed in the game. The other things like nations and wonders are still the same as TAP.

Let me tell you that most of the bugs have been fixed. But still some of the players are witnessing a lag during gameplay and random crashes. But, after the last 2-3 updates I’ve not got any lag. I found it smooth.

The following are reviews from some of the players on steam with their respective system specifications:

1) Dante: Game runs fine with full-graphics.

– Intel Core2 CPU 6300 1,86 GHz, 1.87 GHZ
– Nvidi Geforce GTX 550Ti

2) LYKOURGOS: Game lags with full-graphics. Have to uncheck the last 3 new graphic options.

– 3.2 Ghz Dual Core
– HD Intel Graphics

3) |IND|_DangerousDave: Game runs smooth with full graphics.

– 1,65 Ghz AMD Processor
– AMD Radeon HD 6320

4) |IND|_Kanishka: Game runs smooth with full graphics.

– i7-3770K CPU @3.5 Ghz 3.9 Ghz
24 GB DDR3

5) My review: Game runs smooth with full graphics.

– i7-3770K CPU @3.5 Ghz 3.9 Ghz
– Integrated Graphics Processor: GA-B75M-D3H

Well! Its clear that the game demands mid-end graphic card for the best gameplay. Check out Rise Of Nations Extended Edition for system requirements.

Is it worth buying?

– If I had to answer this 3 weeks back then, my answer would had been dicy. But now it’s yes.


– All the noticeable bugs have been fixed and you’ll get a smooth game-play.

– The developers are constantly fixing the bugs which is a good news for the players.

– Lobby chat was missing. But, it is added in an unique way.

– The biggest reason for the yes is that you have about 500 players online at the same. While before we had only 100 odd players online on gamespy.

– Few striking features of gamespy are still missing in this edition. Such as “Active Games List”, “List of players online” and “Group chat visible to all”. But, I feel there are many positives also added to the game. The game is active because it was launched again on STEAM else it would had never ever got 500 players online at the same time.