Hi All! First of all “Happy New Year. Have A Great Year”. Secondly, it was seen that gamespy servers went down this December. No one is able to see any hosted games. So, I would like to inform you about some alternate solutions.

Alternate Solutions for Multiplayer Gaming :-

Gamespy Manual FIX:

Altermate Multiplayer Platforms:

  • Tunngle – I guess almost all players are there. Its like another gamespy lobby.
  • Gameranger – Some players have got issues with tunngle. So they end up coming here.

Lately, plenty of players were asking me to upload some recorded games. So, I managed to pick up few interesting replays. I’m sure plenty of things to learn by observing them. Few of them are really very interesting. Really worth your time. This time I managed to find some nomad games as well.

2v2 Game 1:

|IND|_King_AMEYA_|VoG| (Russians) VS Raider (Turks)
DangerousDave (French) _FeTuS_ (Lakota)

– Check out Dave’s play.
– Won only because of good coordination. I was pretty bad in this game.

2v2 Game 2:

|IND|_DangerousDave (Egyptians) VS |IND|_Jatin_LM (Germans)
|IND|_King_AMEYA (Dutch) BooHwal (Maya)

– Overpowered.
– Dave went on for wonder boom while I kept an aggressive play.

2v2 Game 3:

|IND|_King_AMEYA (Inca) VS BooHwal (British)
|VoG|_Coulty (Indians) |IND|_Kanishka (Americans)

– Never lose hope. Never give up. Just keep playing.
– An interesting game to watch.

2v2 Game 4:

|VoG|_Coulty (British) VS Dhoom2 (aka |VoG|_The_Vanguard)
|IND|_King_AMEYA (Nubians) House_|IND| (Greeks)

– An exciting game. It goes upto Information Age (Age 8).
– An important thing to learn in this game is “Decision Making”. When your ally is losing his side and you are winning your side, either you have to come back to save your ally or continue to kill faster. It’s a tough call !

2v2 Game 5:

|IND|_King_AMEYA (Russians) VS |VoG|_Coulty (Turks)
|IND|_Jatin (British) seifer008 (French)

– Excellent play by Jatin.
– Check out for coordinated attacks.

2v2 Game 6:

|IND|_King_AMEYA (Bantu) VS Raider (Indians)
|IND|_Jatin (Turks) |IND|_Tactical (Inca)

– Extensive raiding. Great game for players who like to raid. Raiding Party !!!

2v2 Game 7:

IND|_King_AMEYA (Nubians) VS EL_Spice (Inca) |IND|_Jatin (Indians) Redbul (British)

– Jatin booms hard while I continue to play aggressive.

2v2 Game 8:

|IND|_Tactical (Inca) VS |IND|_DangerousDave (Russians)
|IND|_King_AMEYA (Nubians) |VoG|_Coulty (British)

– Well executed age 2 attack.

2v2 Game 9:

|IND|_King_AMEYA (Bantu) VS |IND|_Tactical(Greeks)

|IND|_DangerousDave (Inca) Clover (Aztecs)

– Bantu (Ancient Raid Start) clashes with Aztecs (Ancient Raid Start).- This is a silly game.

2v2 Game 10 NOMAD:

LAT_KayroN_AL (Japanese) VS clanhater (Koreans)
Mr_A (Dutch) saviola (Maya)

– This isn’t an expert game but a very exciting one.
– I had no metal at all. Was cramped between both the enemies. A no way situation to win.
– Fun game to see.

3v3 Game 1:

|IND|_DangerousDave (Aztecs) VS seifer008 (Indians)
|IND|_King_AMEYA (Germans) |IND|_Tactical (French)
|IND|_House (Persians) Redbul (Bantu)

– Amazing Team play.
– Each player plays according to the position and nation. One attacks, one booms and one defends.
– Dave doesn’t boom at all. Amazing attacks. House does a great defence. While I boom and support Dave’s attack.

3v3 Game 2:

Raider (Egyptians) VS Halen (British)
|IND|_King_AMEYA (Romans) |VoG|_Coulty (Inca)
DangerousDave (Spanish) BooHwal (Turks)

– Great Teamwork.

3v3 Game 3:

|IND|_House (Dutch) VS |IND|_King_AMEYA (Iroquois)
|IND|_DangerousDave (Koreans) [EL]_Alan_The_Itachis_SON (Bantu)
|IND|_Kanishka (Maya) |VoG|_Coulty (Egyptians)

– Excellent play by Alan.
– Also check out for Coulty’s boom.
– While I was bad in this game.

3v3 Game 4:

|IND|_DangerousDave (Dutch) VS BooHwal (Spanish)
|VoG|_Coulty (Egyptians) Raider (Turks)
Mohammad_Mohammad (Inca) |IND|_King_AMEYA (Lakota)

– Raider wins 1v2 battle. It is just amazing.

3v3 Game 5 NOMAD:

Alan_The_Itachis_SON (Egyptians) VS {-t2sa-}-TGCVugi (Iroquois)
|IND|_King_AMEYA (Nubians) {-t2sa-}-JacksonMuir (Bantu)
my_ass (Russians) Dr_House (Aztecs)

– See how I win it with team play else it was a sure loss.

4v4 Game 1:

|IND|_King_AMEYA (French) VS DangerousDave (Maya)
[EL]_{RIP}_Im_killin_you(Indians) Xing_Amexa {Cock_Rocket}(Egyptians)
Mohammad_Mohammad (Romans) Raider (Americans)
RTS_WildFire (Koreans) _FeTuS_ (British)

– Won only because of team play. Look for Mohammad_Mohammad’s gameplay.

4v4 Game 2:

|IND|_King_AMEYA (Dutch) VS |IND|_Jatin (Russians)
|IND|_House (Japanese) |IND|_Kanishka (Iroquios)
|VoG|_Coulty (Aztecs) |VoG|_Hayasa (Bantu)
{-t2sa-}-JacksonMuir (Nubians) |IND|_DangerousDave (Maya)

– Age 2 hardcore battle game. Game lasted hardly for 12 mins.

4v4 Game 3:

|IND|_DangerousDave (Koreans) VS |COCK|_Rocket_|IND| (French)
DaSpider (Chinese) _FeTuS_ (Spanish)
Anna_Hazare (Japanese) Mohammad_Mohammad (Nubians)
|IND|_King_AMEYA (Bantu) Raider (Indians)

– Check out Bantu ancient raid.
– Check out how Raider deals with a 1v2 situation esp start.
– The way Dave manages to boom on while attacking is awesome. Team coordination won it.

4v4 Game 4 NOMAD:

|IND|_DangerousDave (Germans) VS Raider (Dutch)
|IND|_King_AMEYAGreeks) |COCK|_Rocket (Inca)
|IND|_Kanishka (Japanese) King_Henry_VIII (Maya)
|IND|_Yadav (Aztecs) ShuTup (Lakota)

– An awesome team game.
– Amazing play by all whether it was booming or attacking or defending.
– A worthwhile game to watch. Don’t miss this one!

4v4 Game 5 NOMAD:

Mohammad_Mohammad (Iroquois) VS Istanbul (British)
|IND|_King_AMEYA (Romans) Raider (Nubians)
{-t2sa-}-Dave (Maya) iDIEDaLONGtimeAGO (Indians)
Alan_Killer (Turks) _FeTuS_ (Japanese)

– Nice team coordination.

Please do post a comment regarding the above games. Like which one you liked the most or anything you want to add up something regarding any replay.