Hi everybody! Here comes an another guests post from |IND|_DangerousDave. This time he is providing us with expert guidelines on booming. Its a very helpful post for all players who aim to be expert boomers in the game.

Booming in general is a playing style. It is basically concentrating on economy and technology and then attacking the opponent. Most of the time it means Gunpowder Age or Enlightenment Age.The reason booming until late ages is very rare is that it’s easily countered by heavy raid or attack in earlier ages.

In my experience, games that go past Industrial age are either because in a team game different sides lost and won and thus lengthening the game (i.e. one side of team won but the other side has fallen,but game continues till the end), or (in an 1vs1 game) because both players boom until Enlightenment and can’t force the another player to die.

Gunpowder Age Boom:

You start off with a regular start depending on your nation. In Classical age your first goals should be the following :-

– Build university, senate, barracks, tower.
– Research civic level 2 and commerce level 2 in the library, in this order.
– Make up for a knowledge income between 30-50 (If you have this much knowledge income from rare resources and university, don’t build more scholars or you’ll end up “Overteching”)
– Build 3rd city, create +2 caravans.
– Build up your economy to the commerce limits. Don’t do anything else besides spamming farms, villagers and woodcamps till its enough.Your goal should be : 15 farms, 13-17 woodcutters (Depending on how much timber rares you have), 10-14 miners.
– Simultaneously make scholars and keep up with teching (Researching). Normally your teching order after aging Classical should be :

Civic level 2 -> Commerce level 2 -> Military level 2 -> “Medieval Age”
->Science level 2 -> Science level 3 -> Military level 3 -> “Gunpowder Age”.

– Aging to “Medieval Age” in 8-9 mins is decent, aging to “Gunpowder Age” by 13-15 mins is good. Practice yourself so that you have an economy touching 200 and aging to Gunpowder in less than 16 minutes. Over the time you’ll get used to it and will do everything by instinct.
– Build Granary in 1 or 2 cities depending on your food income, lumber mill in your main timber income City,and smelters in your cities with a mine.
– Before aging to Gunpowder, start building a Castle.You will need it for “Tactics Research” to increase your armor in combat.
– Don’t forget “Taxes” (Present in temple) in Medieval age.
– When you have aged, you should have 2 barracks, 2 stables and 1 siege factory with 3 sieges ready. Upgrade everything you need, research “Monarchy Government” (Present in Senate) and kill the enemy as fast as you can. To make your troops faster, its recommended to research Herbal Lore (Present in Granary) and Foraging (Present in Smelter) for more craft for your “Monarch”. Use your Monarch to speed up your troops by “Forced March” in battle.

You are probably wondering what I meant by “Overteching”. Well, it’s a typical mistake done pretty often even by the best boomers. Overteching happens when you don’t improve your economy enough and make too many scholars thus making a lot of knowledge, which means aging a little faster, but eventually losing an upcoming fight due to lack of income. Your army, raids, raid defense, everything you produce stands on your income. The bigger your income, the easier to win the game. Always try to avoid overteching. For “Medieval Age” 60 knowledge income is optimal. And for “Gunpowder Age” 100 knowledge income is optimal.

Of course your enemy can try to stop you from getting advantage over him/her by raiding or attacking early. Defending raids and defending strong attacks along with booming is what makes you a Professional Boomer. If you don’t know how to defend raids or strong attacks, you are just not a good boomer. You have to know about it. But since this post is exclusively about Booming, I’ll let everyone find them out by practice.

Enlightenment Age Boom:

This is basically the same as “Gunpowder Age Boom”, except that you don’t race for 200 income but 250-310 (Depending on what you research : Civic level 3 or Commerce level 4) and age V .This is more risky because a strong Gunpowder attack can easily screw up your plans. Researching order after Gunpowder Age should be :

Commerce level 3 -> Science level 4 -> Military level 4 -> Commerce level 4 / Civic level 3 -> Age V

In order to reach 250-310 income you’ll need 3 granaries and lumber mills in all your timber cities
And you’ll also need to research granary / lumber mill / smelter income upgrades.

When doing “Enlightenment Age Boom”, Monarchy should be researched just after hitting age V and having enough knowledge to do so. Optimal knowledge income for Age V boom is 3 universities filled (21 scholars) with literacy upgrade.

Recorded Games:

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Credits : |IND|_DangerousDave for writing this post. Other post written by him – “Indian Elephant Raid”