I’m always glad to publish a guest post.

This time comes from [AS]_Pimp_Masterflex on “Scenarios – one of the formats of the game”. He is amongst the advanced scenario players. This topic wouldnt had been written any better then a known scenario player himself writing about it. I’m sure all scenario players will benefit from this post. He has written it really well and his efforts are appreciated. Even non-scenario players will enjoy reading it.

First Thing First (Technical Details):

Now, these first bits of information are why people don’t usually play scenarios… but they have to be acknowledged and followed, or else your gonna have a really bad time!

1. Scenarios are VERY BAD for your record. I have been playing for 3 years and have only a 31% win Record. So If you care about your record… do not play on your regular account.

SOLUTION: MAKE A NEW SCENARIO ACCOUNT. Just like [El]_Alan_Killers_Dad, he has one or two scenario accounts when he plays with us. This happens the other way too, when scenario players will make a std/nomad account to show that they don’t suck that much.

2. NEVER CANCEL THE DOWNLOAD. When you cancel DURING THE DOWNLOAD, the game will crash after countdown. Downloads usually only take 1-2 minutes these days.

SOLUTION: Everyone must Relog from Gamespy in order to avoid a crash. That’s why you might hear the Phrase “Relog,Rehost”

3. ALL SCENARIOS WILL OOS AT SOMEPOINT IN THEIR LIFESPAN. OOS happens in std/nomad occasionally, but it happens more-so for scenarios due to larger scripts used. OOS is the reason why scen players have bad records. OOS doesn’t always happen in every game, and it doesn’t happen immediately either. Sometimes you can have a good couple battles/wars in before OOS, still making the game fun!

SOLUTION: Never Reload on OOS, some scripts will not work and players will drop. Its better to just click “No” and Go back to the lobby.

So Why Do People Even Play Scenarios?

Scenarios have been played on RoN since the early days…. Since 2003, there have been various clans devoted to Scenarios, such as SC, BA, ESP, BoR, and AS. Many Clan Wars have been fought, Coups have taken places, you name it, all in the name of Scenarios. Although the community is somewhat smaller compared to other gamestyles, it have a very commited/devoted following to all of its players.

Enough Talk, How The Hell Do I Play ‘Em?

First thing’s First, there are 2 Types of Scenarios:-

1. Berlin Scenarios: The Oldest Type of Scenarios, these involve complete military gameplay, with virtually no economy gameplay whatsoever. It is literally 300 units of military for total war.

How To Play:

– In every Berlin Scenario, you receive money EVERY 2 MINUTES (this is called “Taxation”). You receive money based on how many cities you have. Some cities are richer, but for the most part, more cities = more income.

– Also (in most Berlin Scenarios), the Map is originally covered in Orange Cities. These cities don’t fight back (except for Tower and City Damage), so it is imperative that you take these cities for more income (this is called the Orange Rush).

– In Berlins (most of them), you do not pick your Nation in the Staging Lobby. Instead, you pick your nation in game. This is generally done by moving a scholar to a building in the beginning of the game (these buildings are labeled the nation names they correspond to). This is to allow more than 8 choices of nations in the entire game.

Scenarios1Figure 1: Scholars (move them to Pick Nation)

2. STD Scenarios: Currently the more popular of the two, these require mixture of Military and economic management. In these gamestyles, population differs from scen to scen. Some STD Scenarios have a fixed population (so you must balance military and civilian pop), but some allow for infinite civilian pop and a fixed military population.

How To Play:

– Here’s something Ive noticed…. THE FIRST 10 MINUTES IN AN STD SCENARIO ARE POINTLESS UNLESS YOU’RE GOING TO RUSH! The Reason is simple… most players in the first 10 or so minutes are just researching techs/booming, and many scenario players don’t like to rush (either cuz they don’t want to be a douche or cuz they cant).

– Gameplay is more suited to Regular Std, but with less focus on teching and more towards military. You Must maintain a sizeable economy in order to survive, though.

– Nation Powers and Wonders are very Important in Scenarios. This is because many Scenarios take place on a fixed location (Europe, Asia), so Wonders and Nation powers are determined based on Historical Facts. In 1936 Fallen Peace for Example, Russia Starts out with the Kremlin, so they receive +200 Commerce Cap. However, Britain receives a +25% commerce cap, rivaling the Russian Economy. The Main point it, PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR NATION POWERS AND WONDERS (this sounds very basic, but its easy to forget your advantages).

– Raiding is EXTREMELY HARD in Scenarios. If you are going to raid, don’t rely on 2-3 Horse Archers or Cars like in regular std/nomad… you need about 20-30 (im not joking). This is because Scenario battles are fought with large stockpiles of resources (in the multi-thousands), so raiding (although disrupts their income), wont kill them instantly economically, since they may have the resources to rebuild their eco.

Scenarios2Figure 2: 1936 Fallen Peace, one of the most popular STD Scens Today

There are other types of Scenarios as well (such as 4 Player Brawls, Super Smash Scenarios, Etc.), but they are not as well played as the first 2 types, so they will not be discussed in detail.

Well that’s basically the core understanding of Scenarios, now Ill close by giving you tips (and some secrets) that Ive learned over the past 3 years.

GENERALS GENERALS GENERALS!!! You wont believe how many times I see people lose battles due to not having generals, or by not using them effectively. Use Decoys and Entrench if you are fighting Defensively, and Use Decoys and March.

Keep a Full Pop Always, and Always Maintain Max Income. Again, this sounds very basic, but its very easy to not rebuild your economy when you are in a very tough war (psychology I guess). If you are not at full pop, then you will be at a huge disadvantage in the battlefield. You can counter this by making a large number of barracks and Stables to make sure you don’t lose pop due to lack of production

Siege Attacks are incredibly effective in Scenarios due to the large Army sizes.

Make your opponent think you are weak and losing. 9 times out of 10, they will take the bait and start to spread their army. If you have an army ready to go and attack the spread out units, you’ll kill a lot more of his men and costing him a lot of money. Also a good tip, If you declare War on someone and they INVADE YOU RIGHT AWAY, they’re gonna lose 9 times out of 10.

If you’re going to be a diplomacy whore, do it the right way. Always have a “secret” ally that you don’t ally until the end. Secretly help each other out to make sure u2 will be the last men standing. Also, if you are gonna fund someone a lot of your money, NEVER FUND SOMEONE WHO WILL LOSE! Again, that’s first grade logic, but I see too many people wasting their money cuz they want to piss off someone real bad.

– I don’t care what anyone tells you, ANY NATION CAN DEFEAT ANY NATION. There are No Weak Nations, Just Weak Players. That means, Although each nation may have special wonders/units assoiciated with them, it’s the person behind the nation that determines who is the victor

Popular Scenarios Today:

  • 1936 Fallen Peace (WWII STD Scenario)
  • Napoleonic Europe (Enlightenment Age STD Scenario)
  • Diplomacy Europe 1800 (Enlightenment Berlin Scenario)
  • Medieval Europe 1450 (Medieval STD Scenario, And yea, we like Europe a Lot)
  • Atlantic Diplomacy (Gunpowder/Enlightenment STD Scenarios)
  • Diplomacy 1650 Asia (Enlightenment Berlin Scenario)
  • Rise of Rome Gold Redux (Classical Berlin Scenario)
  • 1882 Clash of Empires (Enlightenment STD Scenario)

Credits : [AS]_Pimp_Masterflex for writing this post.