First of all, I would like to thank you all for visiting my blog regularly, commenting on almost every post and keeping me motivated to write it. 20000+ hits feels good. The average time spent on the blog was also quite good. So, there weren’t just to view the site. Thank you for valuing this blog. I’ll continue sharing my knowledge about the game.

What is Micro-Management ?

Micro-management mainly stands for giving attention to small details in management: control [of] a person or a situation by paying extreme attention to small details.

How does it affect ?

I remember the times when I was new to the game and had a very bad micro-management. I used to attack a city with my armies and at the same time my attention used to be on building farms (Not on battle). By the time, I look in the battle my armies are dead. Well, I’m sure this must have happened with each and everyone of you. At start no one knows how to have a good micro-management.

But, let me tell you with a good micro-management you can have a very good chance of winning the game. Its one of the important factors affecting your gameplay.

Few Tips to improve micro-management:

Army Control:

– Always have your attention on the battle. I used to wonder why to control units in battle. But its not the case. You should mainly control horses.
How to control units in battle? Well! This is a vast topic to discuss. I’ll write a post on it soon. But the general idea is to attack opponents archers/slingers with horses. Your heavy infantry should attack opponents horses. Your archers should attack opponents heavy infantries.
Hint : Double-click an unit to select all units of that type and then control a particular type of unit group.

Raiding micro-management:

– Always control each and every raiding unit. Always have your attention on the raiding unit when its raiding. Hint : Use shift and right click on many places to set a raiding path.
– You can shift your attention to others units when the raiding unit is not raiding or is traveling to a raiding position.
– Always give more attention to defend a raid compared to your unit raiding ahead. First, have your attention on defending a raid and then quickly shift your attention to the raiding unit.
– Keep a constant eye on the mini-map. Helps in both cases. Defending a raid as well as raiding.

Controlling villagers:

– Its very important to know when to control villagers and when to control armies.
– Its common sense. Whenever you are not in battle, your attention should be on villagers.
– Whenever your game starts. All your attention is on villagers. You scout with them at the same time make economy. As armies get involved it becomes confusing where to look.
– Whenever your armies are not in battle or are traveling, that time your attention should be on villagers (In general).
– As I have said before. Your first priority should be to defend a raid. This also involves controlling villagers. Get them to safety whenever you see a raid coming or happening on the mini-map.
– To summarize controlling villagers, I’ll say control villagers whenever your armies are safe (Traveling or not in battle or garrisoned). This also includes eco-related units like scholars, merchants and caravans. Same goes for them also. Equal priority as villagers.

Ships Micro-Management:

– This one is tricky. Troops as well as ships have the same priority for attention when they are in battle.
– Depending on the situation you should give equal attention to both. It becomes too much of micro-management when you have to control ships as well as troops at the same time. Depends on you how well you can manage both at the same time. But both deserve equal attention.

As I have elaborated on most of the things of the game, I would like to jot down some important tips. These are not universal but generally should get your attention first.

– Armies in battle should always get more priority.
– Always control raiding units till they are safe.
– Control villagers only when you know your armies are safe.
– Protecting villagers/scholars/merchants/caravans from a raid should be given high priority.
– Ships and armies should receive equal attention.

There is no such formula for a good micro-management. It comes with practice. You yourself start realizing which unit should be given higher priority over the others. Even my micro-management isn’t very good. But, it’s decent enough.

The mini-map helps a lot for a better micro-management. To know more over micro-management, click on the lock button whenever you are watching a recorded game (Replay). You can know how a player gives his attention to different units. See how he switches his attention to armies then to villagers and later back to armies.