Hey guys! A post after a very long time. I was very busy with job. Finally got time to write this post.

In this post I’ll be guiding any player who wishes to start playing RoN again. I had not played RoN for the past 4-5 months. Started it a couple of days back. So, now I know the difficulties faced when you start playing the game again after a long gap.

Difficulties faced ?

– When I played my first game, I was like “What to do?”, “What to build?”,etc. Half the time, I was just staring and trying to remember what I used to do.
– You’ll certainly go blank and start wondering so many things I used to do in the game. Its beyond my reach now. Ofcourse happens when you try to do something that you havent done for a long time.

– According to me, the main difficulties faced by a player are as follows :-

  • Slow Boom.
  • Bad Micro-Management – Especially “Army Control”.
  • Poor Attacks – Mainly because you must have forgotten the proper army composition to attack.
  • Raiding – Every raid will fail. Happens !!!

For few games, you will certainly face these problems. It happens with even the best player who returns back to RoN. I remember it had happened with “RTS_NAOTO” when he returned back for RoN after a long time. He wasn’t the same. But after few games he started playing his normal gameplay.

So what I need to do?

– Play few games with computer. While playing, focus on simple things first. Like for example booming. Its an art which drives the whole game.
– Go step by step. Try to regain your touch by concentrating on basic things – (Scouting, Researching, Booming, Army Composition, Army Micro-Management, Defending and Attacking).
– I’m sure you will certainly regain 70% of your form back.
– But comp-stomps are not enough. The real test comes when you play against humans.
– Don’t pick the strongest one and play with him. Might be quite demotivating when you’ll see that player kill you easily. Pick a decent player and play few games with him. Play to practise not to win.
– Don’t try to experiment. Just play your normal gameplay.
– I’m sure after 4-5 games with a human, you will certainly get back your form.

It will take about 10-15 games to get back your touch but easy to get back to the game. I remember players saying I was an expert player 2-3 years back and now I cant play it well”. I’ll say that they never put efforts to come back to the game. Just stick to the basics and be patient till you get your form back. Don’t expect to win the first game you play. Be patient! You will certainly win after few games.

You can never forget the game. As quoted by most of the advanced players “Playing RoN is like riding a bike”. I hope this post is helpful to anyone who wants to return to the game and motivates anyone who wishes to play it again.

I’m back to RoN now. You will find me active on gamespy. Not yet back in my full-form. But I will soon.

Recorded Game :

Returning Back To RoN (CLICK TO DOWNLOAD)

Game Information :

|IND|_DangerousDave (Aztecs) seifer008 (Indians)
|IND|_King_AMEYA (Germans) vs RedBul (Persians)
House_|IND| (Persians) |IND|_Tactical (French)

Yesterday night I played this very interesting game. Great game to watch. It involves teamwork and amazing skills showed by seifer008 and |IND|_DangerousDave. I suppose I played convincing enough after a gap.