An another guest post from one of my clan mates i.e |IND|_DangerousDave. He is one of the best players in the game. Atleast in recent times, he is in the top 10 players for sure. This post is completely written by him. He has written it to the point in an aesthetic way. I’m sure you would enjoy reading it.

Elephant Raid
Indian Elephant Raid :

Elephants are the unique units of Persia and India.When used properly,they are truly devastating units both in battles and raiding.

The Indian Elephant Raid is done properly if you do the following :-

1. Usual classical boom, 100 food 100 wood income in ancient, fast universities and 30-40 knowledge income.
2. After classical,research military 2 at the library,and prepare for enemy raids with a light cavalry, tower and senator. In case of enemy army raid or attack,build barracks.
3. Research commerce 2,build maximum farms(10), 10-12 woodcutters and 10-12 miners and 2 markets.
4. Before you age to medieval age,create (preferably) 2 elephants and 2 heavy cavalry,split to two groups(1 ele+1hc per group). Heavy cavalry is for protection vs archers.
5. When you age to medieval age,your elephants immediately upgrade for free. Now let the raiding party begin!Raid enemy villagers,merchants,caravans with your ranged elephants and knights.Keep spamming them and raid,while continue booming at home with 3rd city,more economy and knowledge.


– Why wait till age 3 with the raiding?

Because elephants in classical age are not ranged,and they need a lot of time to kill a villager (4-5 hits). In medieval age, Elephants become ranged, can fire while moving and they kill a villager with 2 shots (Similar to horse archers).

– Why are elephants better raiders than horse archers?

Because elephants only counter-unit is archer (Horse archers have more than one), they take only 1 (!!!) damage from city and tower fire, militia can’t kill them and since they have a lot of health, attrition is useless as well.

– Why is Persian Elephant raiding not as effective?

Because it costs 240 food and 180 wealth to upgrade elephants at each age,they are more expensive(Indians have 15% discount on elephants), but if done well, it can be devastating too.

Helpful rares:

– Horses (15% Cheaper elephants and cavalry).
– Sugar (10% Discount on all food costs)
– Relics,silk,silver (Faster medieval age).


– Senator for boom (commerce limit).
– Monarch for cheaper(25%) and stronger(+2+2attack/defense) elephants and knights.

Credits: |IND|_DangerousDave for writting this post. Thanks for writing!