Raiding is one of the skills of the game which separates an expert player from an intermediate player. An expert player raids as well as defends a raid very efficiently.

Most of the players manage to defend against raids. But defending an ancient raid is one of the toughest defense. It hurts more than any other forms of raid. Especially when you have a nation like Chinese or Spanish (For Example). You research science2 and your opponent intercepts your second city. What to do in such case? Most of the players give up or lose out. But let me tell you, if you manage to defend this ancient raid then you can any time turn the pressure on your opponent. In this post I’ll explain how to defend them.

The moment you see an ancient raid coming, you should strive for the following :-

– Research military1 and built a barracks.

– Build second city as soon as possible because it can be intercepted anytime.

– Age up fast and get a stable to attack archers (Not Advisory but can be done).

– Don’t make more villagers or woodcutter so that you can save up food for military1.

Few more ways to defend ancient raids:

Villager Attack:

DefendingAncientRaid1Attack the light infantry with 3-5 villagers. See to it that you don’t let any of your villager die. Never attack a heavy infantry with villagers. They’ll surely die.



Garrison 2 villagers and keep rest of your villagers to gather. Your city starts firing arrows because you have garrisoned 2 villagers. When you have 5 villagers garrisoned, your city fires at a faster pace.

Circling villagers:

When a heavy infantry is attacking your villager, circle it around the city. And see to it that you have 2 villagers garrisoned in the city. When that villager is about to die, garrison it. In this way, you will damage HI as well as save your villager.

Save Archers (Light Infantry):

Even after building a barracks, you haven’t defended the raid. When your opponent has a nation like Aztecs/Bantu, its slinger kills up your archer. So, don’t let your defending unit die. Garrison it when it has low health.

Counter raid (If possible):

You cant always counter your opponent. But when have a nation like mongols. You should age up as soon as possible and build a stable. You get free HA’s which become an excellent counter raiding units. When you are Americans, you just need to build a senate and research republic (Free in case of Americans). Then, you can spy the raiding unit. This is rarely possible. But can be done. When you are Maya or Russians, you can defend an ancient raid even without building a barracks. Depends on the situation.

Manage Resources:

Like I said save food to research military1. First manage food and research military1. Then manage out wood to build a barracks. Now, you can build an archer since the first barracks unit requires 50 wealth for an archer.

Nation Dependent:

Defending an ancient raid depends a lot on your nation as well as your opponent’s nation. Sometimes, the match-up is Lakota vs Aztecs. And your opponent attacks your incomplete second city. Defending an ancient raid becomes easy when you are British or Romans. You can always counter an ancient raid with Mongols by aging fast and countering with a free HA.

Few scenarios when you discover an ancient raid :

1. When an HI intercepts your second city (Incomplete): Cancel the incomplete city and go for military1 followed by barracks.

2. When a slinger or an archer intercepts your second city (Incomplete): Get more villagers and build it before a HI attacks it.

3. When you have build up your second city and are building a market: Cancel the incomplete market and go for military1 followed by barracks.

To avoid the interception of incomplete second city, I’ll recommend you to use 2 villagers while building second city and build it early.

Always remember one thing. The moment your opponent fails to slow you down by his ancient raid, you have the edge over him. But nations like Bantu are barely slowed down even after a failed ancient raid. The next time you are defending an ancient raid use all of the above tricks and it will be easy to defend it.

I managed to write this post from a tight schedule. Hope its useful. I’ll be back to RoN in few months.