I’m glad to publish this post.

Its completely written by “Alan Killer” a.k.a “[EL]_Alan_The_Itachis_SON. He’s an advanced nomad player and is well known for his invading play in sea nomads. I’m pleased to see him come up with this post and share his invading strategy with us.

Invading in Nomad:

Invading is a really hard thing. Its difficult to be successful in it. It depends on many factors. Nation powers, rares, map and layout of enemies. Unless the whole map is visible to you, you really cant decide if you can invade or not. If you don’t have any advantages, then you have 75% chance to fail. Many nomad players can see, that even i don’t always invade. I do it only when I feel its favourable to invade. But your invading would really slow all 4 players on the other side (Considering a 4v4 game), take their territory or rares, force them to build ground forces and your 3 allies can still boom or help you. It becomes less painful for them compared to your enemies.

What is useful for a perfect invade?


– Silk (Quick commerce 2 limit)
– Sugar (Reduces all food costs)
– Furs (Faster ability to siege and raid)
– Gems (Gives you more territory on enemy island – Very Important)
– Dye (Faster civic level).


Japanese (Their quick start wont slow you when you get comm2)
– Germans (Almost the same)
– Mongols, Lakota, Dutch, Russians, Koreans, Mayans, Chinese, Nubia (When you have good rares nearby)

My way to invade:

1) Don’t go around and build as soon as you can.

2) Get +100 income and maximize wealth.

3) Don’t spam merchants too much because you will need wood for science1.

4) Prepare 4 villagers on the coast for scouting.

5) As soon as you research science 1, send them to scout different places (Other side).

6) Get commerce2 as soon as you can.

7) Increase income to +150 if you can. If you cant then, building a city on enemy island becomes a priority now.

8) Buy food as soon as you can.

9) Get civic 1.

10) Try to scout the coast. Many of the spaces will be already occupied by your enemy. But there may be few places to build a city especially between their range of borders.

11) You can scan the scouted territory by “Outpost Scouting” and check if you can build a city or not. It will prompt you if you are trying to build in an enemy territory or in a neutral territory.

12) When you find a neutral territory, send all the villagers there with whom you were scouting. You might need all of them if your enemy(with villagers) is attacking you. Build as much away from the coast because you will need space to build your city and few more space for further expansion.

13) Now you need more territory and defences – get military (buy food or wood) – build barracks, temple and towers. If you feel that you have a good advantage and are not slow then, you can get civic 2 too, and expand your territory.

14) In most of the cases, forget about your caravan routes. They are dead, only fishermen can save you and the support from your allies because you have to save your city and don’t waste too many resources in sea battles.

15) After aging, one of the ways is to move capital to your invading city (but if you dont get support from your allies then its a bit risky). You need to move your patriot to your invading city and it can be a problem, because your enemies can kill your easy transport on sea. Move it cleverly from an unguarded route to your invading city.

16) Furs can give you an excellent ability to raid early and would really hurt your enemies.

17) Scout around your city and don’t let yourself get isolated in a small territory.

18) Many annoying enemies will try to build towers around your city. Don’t let them!

19) Make army and annoy everyone. Hurting someone is your way to victory now.

After few minutes, the game itself would tell you if you have succeeded or not.

Another useful tips:

– When you ally gets Spanish, ask him about the good points to invade. Also ask about the rare locations and borders – enemy territory.

– Don’t get sci 1 as the first library research. For quick comm2 you need comm 1 as soon as you can, because you can get +100resources. In this case, science 1 will slow you.

– As Lakota you don’t have to invade with city. Behind their territory in the corner there is always a space to build barracks, stables and you can raid.

– Other way how to play with Turks is to rush enemy‘s coastal city without researching civic1. With quick assimilation, it can almost be the same as you would have invaded.

– Invading on other maps can be different – New world, Indies, Warring states. It always depends on the situation, but there are few moments in the beginning which are the same.

– If you see that you have failed. You have to recover as soon as you can, build cities on your island, boom, and just try to annoy your enemies, but don’t waste your resources on the invading city anymore. It is now possible that 3 of your allies are now more powerful than your 4 enemies, because you have slowed them up.

Invading is a black job, but its funny when you see your mad enemies in replay saying sentences like – I told you, noob, not to build behind. Why didn’t you cover coast….….

Credits : AlanKiller for writing this post.