Iroquois are one of the amazing nations of the game. I like it’s hidden unit’s power. It makes it hard to raid Iroquois because its units arent visible in friendly territory when not moving or attacking. In this post, I’ll emphasize on its raiding start.

First of all, let me tell you about the nation powers :-

Iroquois – Power of the Forest

– Get one free Scout with each Barracks built; Scouts get free upgrades and can move trough forests.
– First Senate built is free and builds instantly.
– Woodcutters also gather +2 Food each.
– Military units (including Scouts) in friendly territory are hidden when not attacking. All units heal when not moving or attacking in friendly territory. Barracks units have +10% hit points.

Ancient Raid – How is it done?

– Research Science1.
– Select villagers from farms and put them on the woodcutter.
– Research Military1.
– Note that you will be getting an extra scout after your barracks completion. So I suggest to scout with 1-2 villagers only.
– Now build barracks.
– Rally point them to your opponents direction. Pick up ruins on the way. Make sure that you use the extra scout.
– Heavy Infantry units are unique units for Iroquois. They are faster then normal HI’s.
– So, create an HI and an LI(archer). Now for an archer, you will need wealth so be sure you pick up a wealth ruin while scouting.
– If you manage to get more ruins, you can make few more troops like an extra HI and also a LI if possible.
– Try to intercept his 2nd city if he’s making it. Same like the Aztecs Ancient Start.
– Attack city with HI and villagers with LI. If your HI is behind on the way then attack half build city by LI and wait for HI to come. You slow him down by not letting him make his 2nd city.
– Now if your opponent has got his second city before you attack it. Then keep raiding him. Attack villagers/merchants/caravans or any unbuilt building. Just slow him down.
– Your opponent might try to make a barracks in order to defend your raid. Just split your troops and raid. See to it he doesn’t get a barracks. This way you further slow him down.
– Note that you don’t let your units die. “Always save armies”. Save every unit made.
– At the same time, make farms and fill all woodcutters.
– Once you are complete with one city boom, research civic1 followed by commerce1 and build second city. Continue the way you boom at start.
Note that this start depends a lot on ruins and ruins manipulation. Try to get a wealth ruin for an archer and then later keep on getting food/wood ruins.

Recorded Game:-

Iroquois – Ancient Raid Start (Click to DOWNLOAD)

Game information:-

Raider (Egyptians) DangerousDave (Indians)
|IND|_King_AMEYA (Iroquois) vs clover (Koreans)
|IND|_Jatin_LM (British) AOF_Super (Chinese)
kanishka (Americans) AS_DragonFlames (Maya)

This start is amazing for an one on one battle but also a great way to start in team games. In this game, I managed to raid more than one player with this start. Eventually slowing down my opponents and then my allies out-boom them.

My brother-in-law has uploaded a video on youtube in which I do this start. You can also check that out.

I recommend this start for all games. Even if you don’t want to raid, you can use the extra scout for scouting.