Gameplay settings are nothing but the changes done in the game options.

Has this ever happened with you? You are observing an advanced player and he suddenly pauses and changes settings. He also states you have bad gameplay settings. So what does he change? I’ll tell you about it.

Does changing gameplay settings matter?
– Yes. Little!

The following are the default gameplay settings:-

Gameplay settings 1The following are the changes made by an advanced player:-

Gameplay Settings 2Now see the difference!

– Some players change Auto Citizen to “Build and Gather” also. But it’s inappropriate because sometimes you might end up losing resources repairing unwanted buildings. While playing an infinite game, “Build and Gather” setting is must.

– Auto Citizen Delay should be as less as possible. You don’t want your villagers waiting for a long time.

– Building Stances can be “Aggressive/Defensive”. I believe that your armies should always be fighting. So preferably “Aggressive”.

– Now see the check boxes ticked in the second image. Advanced options should be ticked so that you get more options to a particular object(building/unit) in the game.

– Auto “All-Clear” should always be ticked. This is a very helpful option. Suppose this scenario. A raiding unit comes to your city and you ring the bell. All villagers go inside. Now you need to ring it again to release the villagers. When this option is ticked, the second bell is rung automatically when the raiding unit goes away from city. So it saves your time as well as you can micro-manage other things after ringing it once.

– Some players also prefer ticking “Use Abilities as Group”.

– Increasing “Map-scroll speed” also helps. You can also change notifications to be shown in the game. Sometimes helpful.

Now, don’t keep default settings anymore. Because now you know which settings are ideal for a faster gameplay. This was an another basic post but an useful one.