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Well. I feel all of you must be acquainted with the senate. But I’m sure most of you must be wondering which goverment to pick while playing. In this post, I’ll explain about the senate and guide you how to pick a government. What is a Senate? – It is a building which when built […]

Iroquois Ancient Raid Start

Iroquois Ancient Raid Start

Iroquois are one of the amazing nations of the game. I like it’s hidden unit’s power. It makes it hard to raid Iroquois because its units arent visible in friendly territory when not moving or attacking. In this post, I’ll emphasize on its raiding start. First of all, let me tell you about the nation […]

Gameplay Settings

Gameplay settings are nothing but the changes done in the game options. Has this ever happened with you? You are observing an advanced player and he suddenly pauses and changes settings. He also states you have bad gameplay settings. So what does he change? I’ll tell you about it. Does changing gameplay settings matter? – […]