Has this ever happened to you? Your ally points you somewhere in your territory and when you scout there, you either get a rare or a ruin.

This has happened with me many times. I used to think that either he/she is Spanish or Nubians to be able to see the rare/ruin. But later I used to figure out that my ally is none of them.

So how did my ally find it? The answer is “Outpost Scouting”

What is “Outpost Scouting”?

As the name suggests it is a form of “Scouting”. Outpost scouting involves finding a rare/ruin in your territory using a lookout (Outpost). You can find a ruin/rare in the unexplored part of your territory.

How is it done?

– Select a villager.
– Click on military buildings.
– Select lookout (Last one).
– Now, keep moving the mouse cursor in your territory (Don’t build it).
– While moving you will get the following :-

  • Green spots where you can build it.
  • Red spots where you cant build it.

– We are interested in the red spots. Whenever you get a red spot, you will also get a message (reason) with it.
– Look for a red spot with the message “Blocked by unseen object”.
– At that location (spot), you will be having a rare or a ruin.
– So we found out a rare/ruin in our territory using a lookout (outpost).
– Other messages which you may get in the red spots are like “Blocked by rocks”, “Blocked by trees”, “Must build within your own territory”, “Blocked by mountain” and “Must build in explored territory”. We are not interested in them.

Note that you will always find a rare in your territory (Most of the maps). So don’t miss it.

I know its hard to take out time for outpost scouting. But it comes handy in slower formats of the game like nomad games.

I managed to make a video of it. It explains it even better.