Infinite is the fastest format of the game. I’m talking in terms of micro-management not time. In terms of time, an expert infinite game can go upto 3-4 hours.

Comparing it with the other formats of the game, I’ll say “Nomad” is about accuracy i.e everything done at the proper time. Standard is about speed (More micro-management) and precision. But infinite is totally about speed. You waste 20-30 seconds at start and you’ll end up losing the game.

I ain’t an expert infinite player but I’m decent enough to play it. Thanks to few advanced infinite players like [AS]_Itachi, [CIA]_Gaupo and {-t2sa-}-JacksonMuir with whom I learned more about the this format.

In this post I’ll emphasize about the several infinite formats and guide you how to play in an infinite game.

Types of Infinite Games:-

There are mainly 3 types of infinite games:-

Normal Infinite (Start Age: Ancient Age and End Age: Information Age)
Enlightenment Infinite (Start Age and End Age : Enlightenment Age)
Information Infinite (Start Age and End Age : Information Age)

What are the conditions?

Infinite games generally have the following conditions :-

– Start with: City Center Only
– Resources: Infinite
– Elimination: Sudden Dealth Capital
– Victory: Standard
– No Wonder Victory
– No Territory Victory

Note that few infinite games also have few additional changes like no_nukes, no_towers, no_wonders, etc.

How do I play?

As the name suggest, its infinite. You start with infinite resources. So, don’t even build any economic buildings like woodcutter,farms,etc. Your resources never end. They are infinite!

I’ll explain you how to start in an Enlightenment Infinite game. Similiar gameplay can be carried out in the other two types.

In an infinite game, you start with a city center with plenty of villagers (about 16) and a scout.

– Build library with all your villagers and use scout to explore the map and your opponents.

Your aim in an infinite game should be to grab territory and build as many military buildings as possible.

– After building library, research civic followed by military.
– Build a city as fast as you can and start building plenty of military buildings.

The reason to build plenty of military buildings is that you can create plenty of military units at the same time. For example you have 15 barracks. Simultaneously you can create 15 barrack units.

Infinite 1– Keep researching civic and military continuously while building cities (grabbing territory) and a lot of military buildings.

Note that you should not research commerce and science unless you are done researching till military7 and civic7. You can research science1 in between in order to make temples in your cities.

– Continue researching simultaneously throughout the game while creating army. Rally point them to a common location so that its easier for you to control army.

In infinite games, armies win you the game. So control armies really well. See to it you have a lot of barracks and your capital is heavily protected because it is sudden death capital i.e no capital timer.

In a normal infinite game, follow the same procedure and see to it that you age up fast. Using nukes isn’t considered as an appropriate way. But its a part of the game. Use it if needed.

In an information infinite game, follow the same procedure. Its almost the same as an Enlightenment infinite game. Just start and end age is Information Age.

Few more tips:-

– At start, create plenty of villagers so that you can build buildings fast. Later in the game kill the extra villagers so that you can create more army units.
– Try to build Colossus wonder to increase population limit.
– Versailles can be a great wonder to build. Since your armies can keep healing faster under supply wagons.
– Its sudden death capital. So be sure you have fortified your capital well.
– In Information infinite, wonders like Space Program and Supercollider win you the game.

In infinite games, nations change the whole game. Bantu is considered to be one of the best since you have a higher population limit and you can build one extra city grabbing more territory.

I hope this post is helpful for those who wish to play this format. Not many players like this format. But you should at least try this format of the game.