After building the economic related buildings at the proper locations, next comes the militiary buildings. Your armies should be at the proper positions at the proper time. It matters a lot.

I must have lost so many games just because I have my military buildings or armies at wrong locations. Even your defence buildings should be at proper locations.

So let me emphasize on each of them. Firstly, let me start with the basic military buildings.

  • Barracks, stable and siege workshop:

– All these buildings form your military base. They should be build on the exposed city to your opponent.
– For example, most of the players build them on their second city.
– As your military base is your second city. In most cases that should be your capital.
– Build siege workshops very closer to your opponent i.e on the attacking front (city). So whenever you need to attack your opponent, you wont waste time on slow moving sieges.
– Try to build more than one barracks and stable. So that you can create more units at the same time.

  • Towers:

– Towers are mainly required for defence.
– Wherever you have a big resource region for example a big woodcutter/mine which is away from city. Build a tower there. So that region becomes hard to raid.
– Sometimes having a tower behind city fortifies it. Especially in formats like nomad, a tower behind city is must.
– Always tower a game changing rareif possible.
– The following are few locations where you should build a tower :-

Building Placements 2- tower– In the first image, a woodcutter is towered. In the second image a rare is towered. Horses can be a crucial rare for nations like mongols and Lakota.
– The third image has a tower in a strategic position. It protects the woodcutter as well as fortifies the city.

  • Castle:

– One of the strongest buildings for defence.
– Two main positions to build it.
– First is behind a city (preferably your capital). It fortifies that city. So if your opponent wants to take that city, he has to destroy the castle as well as reduce the city.
– Second is to push borders.

Building Placemetns 2 -Observe the tower location as well. It is protecting the woodcutter as well as fortifying the city

  • Lookout/Anti-air :

– Lookout is a defenceless building but can detect hidden armies.

– Its ideal position should be near the city in order to detect hidden units.

– But I’ll say that build it where you can suspect any suspicious movement to happen. For example, making an outpost on the side would help you detect any incoming units towards your back cities.

– Note that a lookout becomes an anti-air after age 5.

Building Placements - 2  outpost

  • Dock:

– This can be classified as both economic as well as a military building.
– When you are playing on maps like great lakes check out which pond is the largest then only build a dock there. That time your aim should be to fish.
– If the map is east meets west, build more then one dock for faster navy.
– If you are Lakota esp on a map like great lakes. Build docks on all the lakes where your opponents are fishing and raid.

  • Missile silo :

– A missile silo has a circular range. Preferably build it on the frontal cities.

  • Air-base:

– Even an air-base has a circular range. Based on the areas you want to use your airforce, build it there.

Well. Now I guess its quite clear where to build military buildings as well.