I wanted to blog about this since a long time. I was quite busy with Ganpati Chaturti Celebrations (Info). In this post, I’ll be emphasizing on how to perform Spanish start and its importance.

First of all, let me tell you about the nation powers.

Spanish – Power of Discovery

– The map begins with revealed and you start with an extra Scout. (In “Revealed Map” games gain a bonus to Scout).
– Scout line is upgraded for free and uses abilities faster.
– Until Industrial Age, receive a free Heavy Ship whenever you complete a Dock.
– Gain 30 resources from Ruins, and +26 per Science level.

How is it done?

– Your aim is to get science 2 research as soon as possible because in Spanish, you get 30 resources from ruins and +26 per Science level.
– At start you have 200 food, 200 wood and 100 wealth. To get science 2 you need 120 food and 120 wealth.
– Since you are Spanish, you will be having 2 scouts and 1-2 ruins visible in your territory.
– Now, research science 1 (120 wood 50 wealth). So, currently you will be having 200 food, 80 wood and 50 wealth.
– At this moment don’t build any farms. You need to pick up 2 wealth ruins and take your wealth level to 120.
– Pick up the ruin in your territory. It will probably give you 50 wealth (Total wealth = 100).
– Create 3 villagers maximum and see to it that your wealth level is the lowest. In short food and wood both should be greater then 100.
– Get one more ruin which will definitely be a wealth ruin.
– Research science 2. Now the next ruin you get will give you more resources per ruin then usual.
– Now proceed booming normally (i.e research civic1 followed by commerce1).
– Note that you keep an eye on the timer and judge if you are slow or fast in advancing to age 2. (Approximately it takes 4 minutes to goto Age 2.)
– If you feel you are too slow, skip military 1 and just age up.


– Here you are using the nation powers well. Especially the last one.
– If you are good at scouting you will definitely get 700 or higher ruins bonuses. Sometimes you might get 1000 ruins bonuses which is quite a lot at start. Its gives you a quicker start than normal.

Recorded Games:-

Spanish Start (Click to DOWNLOAD)

Game Information:-

Game 1:

|IND|_King_AMEYA_|VoG| (Spanish) vs |VoG|_Coulty (Egyptians)
|IND|_Jatin_LM (Turks) kod-reduit-SUI (Chinese)

In this game, I have performed Spanish start quite well. I managed to get 880 ruins bonuses which gave me a quicker start. You can also have a look on Coulty performing Egyptian wonder start. He was just little slower but it was also executed well.

Game 2:

Raider (Egyptians) Takuman {aka Halen} (British)
|IND|_King_AMEYA_|VoG| (Romans) vs |VoG|_Coulty (Inca)
DangerousDave (Spanish) BooHwal {aka UFO_Bigbang} (Inca)

Note that NOOBBOON and Diesel were observers in the game.

Check out DangerousDave in the game. Sometimes you have only 1 ruin visible in your territory. He manages to manipulate and pick up 2 wealth ruins to perform Spanish start. This is an amazing team game. A a perfect example of team play also.

Game 3:

|VoG|_King_AMEYA (Spanish) vs Redbul (Chinese)

In this game, I don’t perform Spanish start. Just see the difference. I get less ruins bonuses compared to a Spanish start.

Game 4: New !!! (Added on 9/9/11) Click to DOWNLOAD

Alan Killer (Russians) [El]_Spice (Romans)
|IND|_King_AMEYA_|VoG| (Spanish) vs GAD_slowREX (Lakota)
Braveheart (Germans) Dr_House (Koreans)
Alien (Iroquois) SMOKIN (Persians)

A perfect game to know the importance of Spanish start. I played it yesterday and felt like uploading it. Managed to research science 3 in Age 1.

Game 5: New !!! (Added on 13/9/11) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

|IND|_King_AMEYA_|VoG| (Spanish) vs |VoG|_Coulty (Romans)

One more game where spanish start gave me a quick start. About 1.1K ruins bonuses.

Now, I’m quite sure you know the difference between a Spanish start and a normal start. So, next time you get Spanish perform it. With proper scouting you will definitely get a faster start then normal.