Lakota is one of the most hated nations in the game. I’m sure most of you don’t like to be Lakota.

But let me tell you that Lakota is an awesome nation. I have seen so many advanced players also play bad with Lakota. Its just because most of them don’t know how to play with it.

In this post I’ll be explaining how to play with Lakota.

Firstly, let me tell you the nation powers.

Lakota – Power of the Plains

– Receive +4 Food for every Citizen, Scout, and Cavalry unit (except when garrisoned) instead of building farms and Granaries. Farms and Granaries in captured enemy cities are instantly destroyed.

– Borders are invisible to enemies. Can construct buildings anywhere in territory not belonging to an enemy nation.

– Ranged cavalry upgrades are free.

How to research?

– With any other nation you research science1 followed by civic1. Then research commerce 1 and then military1 (In General). But that doesn’t go with Lakota.

– If you research this way, you will end up getting less food and end up aging very slowly.

– When you are Lakota, research science1 followed by commerce1.

– Research civic1 followed by military1.

– Later advance to Age 2.

How to scout?

– With Lakota, you need to scout a lot. Compared to any other nation you need to scout with at least 4-5 villagers.

– I had posted an image in my “Scouting”post.

Ruin manipulations:

– Your aim should be to get only food ruins. Because Lakota always fall short of food.

How exactly should I manipulate ruins?

– Once you have kept science1 and commerce1 for research, queue villagers for creation.

– I mean, keep many villagers in creation and see to it that food is the lowest of the 3.

– Thus, you will get food ruins.

– When you manage to get 2-3 food ruins, remove few villagers from the queue and research civic1.

– Keep doing this and get only food ruins.

– Sometimes, you’ll manage to get about 500 ruins. And imagine if they are only food ruins, you can goto Age 2 in 3-4 minutes or even lesser.

Lakota Gameplay

Few Tips:

– Now, the most unique power of Lakota is that you can make buildings anywhere apart from enemy territory.

– Aim to grab territory. Build second city little ahead from usual. You can also aim to cramp your opponent by pushing borders.

– The most innovative idea is to make a tower on a good rare and not letting your opponent use it.

– Create more cavalry units. The HA of Lakota is a great raiding unit.

– The best part is that all the food related buildings of your opponent are deleted the moment you get the city. So, you can take a city then run away. A great strategy to slow your opponent.

Recorded Game:

Lakota Gameplay (Click to DOWNLOAD)

Game Information:

|VoG|_Coulty (Lakota) vs |IND|_King_AMEYA_|VoG| (Inca)

Well. Inca is anytime better then Lakota. But coulty played really awesome. One of our best 1v1 battles. He kept me under immense pressure that made me make bad decisions which costed me the game.

Things to look out :-

– The order in which he researched at start.

– Towered a rare on one side and military buildings on the other side. Thus, managed to use both the rares.

– Made more cavalry units.

Now you know how good Lakota is. So, next time you get Lakota don’t regret. Just use it well and you’ll win.