Recently, I was playing some games with advanced players. Realized that building placements matter a lot. It plays an important role in the long run of the game. So I felt like blogging about it.

Well, you may find this post a basic one but in the long run matters a lot.

While covering all the buildings this posts maybe one of my biggest posts. So I will split it into 2 parts. In this part, I’ll include all the economic related buildings. In the next part, I’ll include all the military related buildings.

I’ll start with the most basic building i.e a city.

  • City :

City placement changes the whole game.

When you get a city in a wrong position?

– End up getting less resources.
– Exposing more attacking fronts to your opponent.
– Vulnerable to more raiding areas.
– End up getting less territory.
– Get less rares or I”ll say lose a game changing rare from your territory.

In order to avoid these, you need a city in a proper location.

Where to build a city?

– Remember one important thing. Always aim to grab territory.
– Depending on the map, check where would you get more resources.
– If you can cover an important rare in your territory, then its worth building a city there. I have already written a post on “Rares”.
– Always build a city in such a way that its closer to resources. Eg. a woodcutter or a mine is closer to city. So raiding them becomes difficult.

Building Placements - City 1Notice that the mine and the woodcutter. Both are closer to city and in the range of city.

– Sometimes, you need to reduce the number of fronts which your opponent can attack. Most of the times you have two fronts open to your opponent. Esp when you get a city sideways.

Building Placements - city 2Left hand side image : Blue has two fronts to attack.

Right hand side image : Red has one front to attack.

Ignore the longer route since its difficult to send re-enforcements via the longer route.

– Whenever you are in a opposition to separate your opponents i.e getting a city in between two opponent cities. Do it! Provided you in a position to defend that city till it gets big. That could be a tactical city which would cut across your opponent’s caravans and divide your opponents.

  • Farms, woodcutters, mines and oil wells :

– These are the basic resource buildings in the game.
– Build farms very close to city as shown in the figure. So whenever a raiding unit comes, your villagers can go into the city faster.

Building placements - farms– Try to maximize woodcutters and mines. So that more villagers can work on them.
– If you have a city at a proper location then they wont be at a risk of being raided.
– No restrictions on oil wells. Have to build them where ever they are present.

  • Market:

– Even market location matters.
– Most of your opponents will try to raid your caravans and merchants in your territory.
– A proper market position helps you defend raids better.
– There are two suitable locations for a market. One is near a rare and other is between two cities i.e between your caravan route.

Building placements - Market– Consider the image above. Whenever a raiding unit is coming, red can garrison it’s caravan as well as merchant into its market. Thus it loses no unit.
– If the market would had been in some other position then red might had lost both the merchant as well as caravan.

  • Temple:

– Can be built anywhere in the city borders.

  • University:

– Can be built anywhere in the city borders.

  • Granary, Lumber mill and Smelter:

– Check which city needs them. Don’t built a smelter where there is no mine in the city.
– Can be build anywhere in the city borders.

  • Wonders:

– Build them on a safe city. I mean a city where you can defend an attack.
– Else your opponent might attack that city and get a free wonder.

  • Senate :

– Where ever you build a senate, that city becomes your capital.
– Note that your capital must be closer to all military buildings so that you can defend it faster.
– Don’t build a senate far away from your military buildings.
– If you are Persians, make senate on any other city apart from your first city. Because Persians have 2 capitals.
– Note that you can shift your capital by razing senate and building it again in some other city.

Well, that’s all from the ” Building Placements – I “. I’ll soon posts about part 2 in few days.