Recently I was playing few nomad games. Most of the games were won only because of effective sea raids. Sea raids play an important role not only in just sea maps but also in few land maps like African Waterhole, Australian Outback, Great Lakes and Mediterranean.

Sea raids are similiar to land raids. In sea raids, you aim to raid fishermen (Fishing ships). By raiding them, you don’t only reduce your opponent’s food gathering but also reduce his wealth/metal gathering.

Unit used for effective raiding?

– Light Ship (Bark).

Sea Raiding 1Defending Sea raids?

– Light ships are weak against heavy ships (Trireme).

– Keeping a heavy ship near fishermen protects it from raids.

Sea raiding 2– But having a heavy ship for defending isn’t always sufficient.

– Because heavy ships are weak against fire ships (fire raft).

Sea raiding 3– In this case, the single fire ship destroys both the heavy ships.

– So the best way to defend is to have a combination of units. Like a HS, LS and a FS. You need to control them well to defend better. Like attack the strong unit against the weak unit.

Main things to remember in sea battles:-

– Light ship kills defenceless fishermen.

– Light ship vs Heavy Ship => Heavy ship wins

– Heavy ship vs Fire ship => Fire ship wins but it destroys itself also (Till age 5).

– Fire ship vs Light ship => Light ship wins.

Important Rare for sea battles :-

– Citrus

Sea raiding 4






  • Provides +10 Food and +10 Wood.
  • Ships at sea heal automatically. So there is no need to garrison damaged ships. They heal automatically.

– Copper

  • It provides +20 metal as well as dock and factory units receive +20% hit points. So chances of you winning the sea battle with an equal navy as that of your opponent is more because you are using copper.

Note that sea control provides you an edge in the game. You have more wealth gathering. So, you can make more scholars and thus more knowledge eventually out-booming and winning.