I’m quite sure that most of you might not be knowing about this start. In this start, you research science 1 followed by science 2. Its similar to the Chinese start. Even this start involves ruins manipulation.

First of all, let me tell you about the nation powers.

Koreans – Power of Tradition

– Start with Temple and research religion line of research for free.

– Start with 1 extra citizen, receive 3 for next city and 5 for all future cities.

– Repair Buildings 50% faster, maybe repair under fire without penalty.

– Receive militia line of research for free.

– Towers 33% cheaper.

How is it done?

– Research science1 (120 wood and 50 wealth).

– Start razing temple the moment you start the game (Select temple and press delete key).

– At this moment, you will be having 200 food, 80 wood and 50 wealth.

– Create villagers. I’ll suggest to keep them on an infinite queue (Press q to start infinite queue).

– Note that science 2 requires 120 food and 120 wealth unlike Chinese which requires 96 food and 96 wealth.

– Now, in order to reach 120 wealth you need to pick a wealth ruin because you have no wealth income at start.

– Keep food and wood levels higher then wealth. (Approx. 100). I’ll suggest not to use wood unless you get a wealth ruin.

– Since your wealth level is the lowest, you will definitely get a wealth ruin.

Where to get ruin? You’ll definitely find a ruin near your borders or corners esp in Sahara map.

– At this point of time, you will get a wealth ruin as well as +30 wealth from the razed temple.

– Research science 2 (120 Food and 120 wealth).

– Now continue booming normally i.e civic1 followed by commerce1 and military1.

The advantage of this start is that you are a technology ahead of your opponent i.e science2.

I managed to get this amazing game from seifer008 which is a perfect example of Koreans start.

Recorded Game :-

Koreans Start (Click to DOWNLOAD)

Game Information:-

It is a 1v1 battle between seifer008 (Koreans) and Raider (Spanish). An amazing game between two expert players. Raider is one of the best raiding players in RoN. Its really worth watching. See the way he performs a korean start as well as uses the nation powers really well.

Game 2: New !!! (Added on 20/9/11) Click to DOWNLOAD

|VoG|_Coulty (Mongols) VS |IND|_King_AMEYA_|VoG| (Koreans)

With Koreans I have seen seifer008 research till civic 3 and make 4 cities cramping his opponent. A very useful strategy in 1v1 battles. I tried the same. Didn’t do it that well as seifer008 does but was enough to win me the game.

Game 3: New !!! (Added on 19/9/11) Click to DOWNLOAD

|IND|_Jatin_[LM] (Koreans) Clover (Iroquois)
|IND|_King_AMEYA_|VoG| (Greeks) VS NyanNyan (British)

Another example of Koreans start. Jatin did it quite well and was fast too.

Credits:- seifer008 for sharing his game with us.