Forbidden city is one of the most frequently used wonder in advanced games. First of all, let me tell you what are it’s powers:-

– Wonder of the World: 2 wonder point(s).

– Counts as a bonus Major City in your nation. Can be built wherever a City can and its build location is not revealed to the enemy until it is completed.

– Gives +50 Food and Timber instead of the usual +10/+10.

– Capital Timers do not effect you.

Forbidden CityRequirements :-

– Age 3.

– 300 Food and 300 Timber (Ideally – When no other wonder is made in the game).

When should I make it?

– Whenever you have lost your capital and you can’t take it back from your opponent.

– By making this wonder, capital timer will end and your opponent has to take all your cities (along with forbidden city) or forbidden city to eliminate you from the game.
– Note that if your opponent has your capital as well as forbidden city, capital timer will start. As the timer ends, you are defeated.

– That was one scenario. Other is when you have taken your opponents capital and you don’t want him/her to build forbidden city. Instead, you built it before he/she does.

– Note that you build forbidden city at a safe location. Else your opponent may take it and he’ll get the no timer benefit.

– You can also make forbidden city to increase your food and wood production by +50. Not preferred to make it for this purpose unless you are playing a peace game or economic game.

– Its better to keep the wonder for your allies in a team game. You wont know who might need it.

Well. I’m sure most of you must be having certain questions about the wonder. Even I had them before but I’m quite clear about them now.

Should I make forbidden city as my capital?

No. Suppose you lose your capital (i.e. Forbidden city). Capital timer starts and your opponent gets a no capital timer benefit.

Your opponent has made forbidden city. And you have researched World Government. How to defeat your opponent?

– To defeat him, you have to take both capital as well as forbidden city. Taking one of them wont defeat your opponent.

A bug in the game

– You have made forbidden city but your capital has been taken by your opponent (before World Government). Now at that moment, if your opponent researches “World Government”. You are directly defeated. This is a bug in the game.

This wonder is must when you cant take your capital back and you want to survive in the game.