Egyptians are one of the best raiding nations in the game. They are also great for booming. Especially when you make a wonder (Age1-2) to get a good start.

Egyptians : Power of the Nile

– +10% Food Commerce Limit

– Can build 7 farms instead of 5 per city, farms generate +2 wealth
– Start with a granary and receive Granary upgrades for free

– Wonders cost 25% less, can be built an age early, and you may build two per City

I had seen this start executed by a player named |VoG|_Coulty in a 2v2 game. Unfortunately, I was Turks in that game and he lost it. But I got a lot of resistance before winning over him. I was really shocked and kept wondering that even after getting a wonder how did he managed to be so quick. After watching the recorded game, I came across this innovative start.

This start involves getting a wonder in Age 1 with ruin manipulations while matching the pace of other players in terms of technology.

How is it done?

– First of all, decide which wonder you want to make (Preferably Hanging Gardens or Colossus).

– Hanging Gardens requires 150 Food 150 Wealth while Colossus requires 150 Wood and 150 Wealth.

– If you are going to make Hanging Gardens then you have to manipulate all ruins to food. To do that, keep villagers queued in your city but see to it that you make only required number of villagers.

– If you are going to make Colossus then you have to make very few number of merchants in order to save wood and wealth.

– At start, research science1.

– Then commerce1. Now build 6-7 farms and put villagers on them. I’m sure your food income will touch +100. Fill the woodcutter which you have at start.

– Now research civic1 and build second city.

– Built a market and caravan as soon as possible to start getting wealth.
– Note that this start depends a lot on ruins that you get.

Hanging Gardens:- Build 1 more market if you have a lot of wood in order to get more wealth. Don’t make merchants in order to save wealth unless you have diamond rare in your territory. Build Hanging Gardens the moment you have 150Food and 150Wealth. Skip military1 if you are late and just age up.

– Colossus:- It is the same as above. But here you research military1 before aging.

– Note that you keep 1-3 villagers for building the wonder. Keep the remaining villagers for resource gathering.

– Note that if you have a small woodcutter i.e of 3 or 4. Then I’ll suggest not to go for Hanging Gardens. Building Colossus would be easy.

This start isn’t that easy to implement because it depends a lot on ruins and resource management. But if you are good at it then this is an easy for you.

Recorded Game:-

Egyptians – Wonder Start(Age1) {Click to Download}

Game Information:-

Raider (Maya) {|VoG|_Coulty was observing} Hobgoblin (Lakota)

|IND|_King_AMEYA_|VoG| (Egyptians) VS FUN_Galahad_ex_AoI (Nubians)

Istanbul (Koreans) Kanishka (Chinese)

In this game, I build Colossus and I manage to be faster then most of my opponents by hitting Age 2 (Classical Age) in 4:27 mins. I didn’t get much ruins (Just 150) in the game. It was kinda comic to see raiders reactions when I started the wonder.

Credits: |VoG|_Coulty for coming up with an innovative start with Egyptians.