A team game is basically a group of players playing against an another group of players. Eg. 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 games. Team games are very different compared to 1v1 battles.

With team coordination any game can be won. Even the best players may lose out if they don’t play in coordination.
In this posts, I’ll emphasize on the various factors to be considered while playing a team game.

Some tips which may help you play better in a team :-

– Know when to boom or attack. Based on the situation in the game just make a decision whether you are gonna boom or attack. I know it keeps on changing but be sure what you are going to do.

– Never let your ally get doubled or tripled.
– Always see to it that your armies are at the proper places at the proper time. For example, you double your opponent to get the edge.
– Always let your allies know about your plan in the game or play according to them. Like if you are booming or attacking early. Let them know about it.
– Sometimes defending also wins you the game. Like in a 3v3 or 4v4, the other side is winning. So your role is to defend 1v1 or 1v2. Just defend and boom. You’ll eventually win the game.
– Whenever you have raiding nations like Aztecs or Mongols see to it that you raid the whole map. Try to raid all your opponents. Even raiding only merchants matters a lot.
– Protect good rares like relics, silver and papyrus in your area. Because you can manage to use them fast but your ally might not or miss them.
– Always shift your capital to the safest city.
– Try to predict your opponent’s play. If you are in pocket (centre), just be better than the other player (opponent) who is also in pocket. Eventually you outboom and win.
– If you are in a position to kill the opponent in front of you, don’t waste time. Just kill your opponent. If you feel you might get doubled then tell your ally to send armies.

Well. These were basic tips which may help you play better in team games. Here are few games which were won only because of team work.

Recorded Games:-

Game Information:-

There are 4 games.

Game 1:-

|VoG|_Coulty (Iroquois) VS Takuman (Turks)

|VoG|_King_AMEYA (Lakota) kanishka (Greeks)

An interesting game. Both sides were balanced. While takuman (halen) was the strongest player in the game. Coulty kept raiding well. Takuman goes militia rush on coulty’s capital. While I kept raiding kanishka and start preparing for an attack. Things to look for is how we coordinate to execute an attack.

Game 2:-

_FSF_Mefisto (French) Ashley (Greeks)

King_Ameya_[IND] (Dutch) VS Redbul (Bantu)

{-t2sa-}_Dave (Egyptians) Raider (Germans)

This was a long game with great team coordination which wins the game. I was in the pocket (centre). Dave gets a bad start (He was experimenting hehe) and redbul (In front of him) had the edge over him. We double redbul to give him the edge. While Ashley was having the edge on the other side but didn’t attack thinking she might be doubled. Things to look for is how the whole team coordinates to double whenever needed and win it.

Game 3:-

Redbul (Japanese) VS RTS_Moo (Germans)

King_AMEYA_[IND] (Romans) DiS (French)

Both sides were balanced. Things to look for is how we both coordinate in the whole game to help each other and win it.

Game 4:-

This is a game for those who play games against AI. Its a 3v3 toughest AI game. Me, Paw and Massa vs 3 toughest AI. Both of them are inters. Sometimes even defending wins you the game. This game is a perfect example of that. Whole game I’m just defending 1v2 or 1v3 AI. While my allies finish that side against a Turk AI (toughest). They keep winning that side while I defend hard to win it for them.

So now next time you play a team game, play in coordination and win against the strongest players.