This is an amazing start with Romans. When I first came across this start, I really liked it. Its works best in 1v1 battles. It involves getting a castle in age 1 with ruin manipulations.

Romans : The Power Of Caesar

– Forts 25% cheaper and 50% faster to build, exert +3 National Borders, and get free upgrades.
– Heavy Infantry created 10% cheaper and 10% faster. Start with one Military research at the Library.
– Receive free Heavy Infantry whenever you build a new Barracks ( one with Classical Age, two with Gunpowder Age plus 3 Military research, and three with Industrial Age plus 5 Military research).
– Cities gather an extra +10 Wealth.

How to I do it?

– Start normally. I mean science 1 followed by civic1.
– Build second city.
– Now, your aim is to keep wood occupied and manipulate ruins to get wood ruins.
– For that select a villager and build an outpost. But don’t make it. I mean just keep it at 0% complete.
– This way keep wood occupied and wood amount less than food and wealth.
– The moment you get a wood ruin make an incomplete outpost. Make 2-3 incomplete outposts.
– Now cancel the incomplete outposts. You’ll get the invested wood back.
– Build fort (281Wood 75 Wealth) in age 1 and grab territory.
– Note that you can go commerce1 and then make castle later. But you might lose wood in making market and eventually slow down in making the castle.

Recorded Game:-

Game Information:-
It is a 1v1 between seifer008 and The_X (El_Azteca). seifer008 has Romans while the_x has Japanese. Note that seifer008 got 3 outposts but didn’t build them. While he kept getting wood ruins and then later he cancelled them to make a castle in age 1.

Credits:- seifer008 for sharing his game.