This is the fastest way to raid with Mongols. It’s quite simple. It involves skipping civic1 and aging up for a faster raid. The following are the nation powers:-

Mongols – Power of the Horde

– Receive free Ranged Cavalry whenever you build a new Stable of Auto Plant (1 at start, 2 with two Military research, 3 with three Military research)

– Mounted units created 10% cheaper and 20% faster.

– Receive +1 Food for each 1% of world landmass controlled (times half the number of nations).

– Attrition to your units reduced by 50%. Receive Forage/Supply/Logistics research free.

How is it done?

– Research science1 followed by commerce1.

– Boom normal. Build market. Get economy to 100+ food and 100+ wood (Optional – Even 80+ food 80+ wood would be fine. So that you save time and raid asap).

– Research military1.

– Advance to Age2.

– Now research military2 and build 1-2 stables (You will receive 2 horse archers (HA) per stable built).

– Just keep raiding hard.

Mongols Fast Raid (Age2)– Note that you try to keep wood and wealth levels high before aging. Else you will go age 2 and you wont have enough wealth and wood to make raiding units.

– Build mine so that you can create heavy cavalries (HC) to attack archers (LI) defending your raids.

– Once you have slowed your opponent go civic1 and build second city.

– Your aim is to slow your opponent by raids and eventually killing him later.

Ideal time for this raid :- Between 3 to 5 mins.

I’m sure most of you must be wondering why not to build second city because Mongols get food over territory. This start doesn’t affect your food levels much. Because by making 5 farms you have +76 food. So by getting a food rare you can easily hit +100 food.

Recorded Game:-

Mongols Fast Raid (Age2)

Game Information:-

Its a 2v2 game. DangerousDave and |VoG|_Coulty vs Ashley and Leeber. In this game DangerousDave has mongols and performs this type of raid. He attacks Ashley who is in front of him and she has Koreans. With a good micromanagement he raided Koreans and managed to slow her down. Then, eventually he wins over. The game went out of sync in the end. But a perfect game showing mongols fast raid and the winners of the game were quite clear.

Credits: DangerousDave for sharing his game.