Ah! Americans – One of the best nations in the game. Even one of my favourites. The best power of the nation is that you get resources over your armies. Like you get +2 food, timber,metal and wealth for every barracks unit. So, Americans with salt rare can make a deadly combination in the game.

Americans – Power of Innovation

– First Wonder is built instantly (except Space Program or Supercollider) if no other nation is also building it.
– Aircraft and Carriers 20% cheaper. Receive 1 free Bombers at each Airbase from Modern Age.
– 25% cheaper military ground units upgrades. Receive +2 Food, Timber, Metal, and Wealth for every non-Scout Barracks unit (except when garrisoned).

Ancient Raid – How is it done?

– Research science1 followed by military1.
– Build a barracks and keep scouting.
– Note that you should not start this way if you have a woodcutter of 3 at start.
– Make 3-4 different units. Preferably a heavy infantry(HI), an archer(LI) and one more unit based on your resources.
– Rally point them to your opponents direction. Pick up ruins on the way.
– Try to intercept his 2nd city if he’s making it. Same like the Aztecs ancient start.
– Attack city with HI and villagers with LI. If your HI is behind on its way then attack the half build city by LI and wait for the HI to come. You slow him down by not letting him built his 2nd city.
– Now, if your opponent has got his second city before you attack it. Then keep raiding him. Attack villagers/merchants/caravans or any unbuilt building. Just slow him down.
– Now your opponent might try to make a barracks in order to defend your raid. Just split your troops and raid. See to it he doesn’t built a barracks. This way you slow him down.
– Note that you don’t let your units die. “Always save armies”. Save every unit made.
– Simultaneously research civic1 and build second city. Continue the way you boom at start.

Recorded Game:-
American Raid Start (Click for DOWNLOAD)

Game Information:-
It is a 1v1 game between me and |VoG|_Coulty. I had Americans and he had Persians. I skipped science1 and went military1. It was a gamble because if I dont get my wealth to 50 and wood to 120 then I might have to skip science research. But by scouting I got enough resources to go science1. Wanted to intercept second city asap but couldnt. But kept raiding. Went 2 archers(LI) and 1 HI. Note that I spitted them to slow him and down and didnt lose a single unit. An exciting game to watch. Overall it was like I slow him a bit by ancient raid then raid a little till medieval. Built Terracota (Wonder). Then, defend and attack as soon as I have the edge.