One of the amazing attacks which I have ever seen. Turks militia rush involves an early Age 2 attack with villagers (militia) and sieges. Sounds crazy !!! But it’s an amazing rush.

What is a militia?

Militia are villagers who have taken up weapons (arms). Your villagers get converted into armed civilians which are strong vs light infantry and light cavalry.
Militia is researched in tower. After researching, villagers can be converted to armed civilians.

Turks Militia - 1How to rush with militia?

– Start normally i.e. get your economy to 100 food 100 wood and research all 4 technologies (Military 1, Civic 1, Commerce 1 and Science 1).
– Just before aging research Military 2.

Turks Militia Rush - Library– Before aging try to built a tower in a good position in order to save metal which is needed later.
– Now, the moment you reach Age 2, build a mine and put few villagers on it.
– Build a senate and research despot.
– Research militia in tower.
– Now convert 10-15 villagers to militia by clicking on the arms button after selecting villager.
– Build 2 siege factories.

Turks Militia Rush - 2

– Attack your opponent’s capital. You will certainly get capital bonus i.e (500F,500W,500M,500W).

– Try using general specialities. I mean ambush and forced march. Ambush while going to your opponents capital. Try picking the smallest path to hit the capital fast.

Ideal Time to attack :- Between 5 – 7 mins.

Risks involved :-

– If your opponent has a barracks, then its tough to hold capital. But you can at least take capital bonus and run back.

– If you fail in getting capital bonus, then you are on the back foot because your economy is missing 10 – 15 villagers.

Against which nations should I not try it?

– Chinese because they have large cities and takes time to reduce them.

– Russians because your general might die on the way and then your militia die because of attrition.

– Koreans because they can keep repairing and use free militia research.

– Against Aztecs, Mongols, Romans or British you can. But there is always a risk involved because they get free armies. With a good micromanagement you can.

Against other nations its worth a risk because even if you fail to hold the capital, then you can always use that capital bonus to out boom your opponent.

Recorded Game:-

Turks Militia Rush (Click to Download)

Game Information:-

This is a game of old times when I was an inter. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in the game. Things to note are that I got a tower after going to age 2. Should had made it when I was in Age 1 so that I could had used wood instead of metal. I researched attrition just in case if my opponent researches attrition. Went to capital through a longer path. Should had gone straight. Everything mattered and I wasted a minute or two to hit the capital.