Hello everyone!
Welcome to King AMEYA’s Gaming Strategy!

I’ve been playing Rise of Nations Thrones and Patriots since the past 2 years (since 2010). I started playing it on LAN with my brother-in-law Prasad and with my engineering friends (Rohit, Dharam, Vipul and Prashant) with whom I got my basics right. We started experimenting strategies along with different conditions. We kept improving with time. Then in 2011, I started playing on Gamespy servers where I actually met experts which made me feel that I know nothing about the game. Its yet to be explored!

I have had an amazing experiences playing the game. Found out that it’s a bottomless pit in terms of strategies and concepts. Infinite strategies and concepts which make you wonder that there’s a lot more to learn.

I have learned very quickly and all this turned me into an advanced player. I was able to challenge and defeat most of the experts who always seemed to be invincible. Through this site I would like to share the strategies and concepts which I have learned so far. I’m sure they’ll benefit you to be an expert player. I can’t guarantee that you’ll be the best player in the game but I’m sure it will improve your learning curve and eventually make you an expert player.