Rares are objects in the game on which merchants gather resources. There are various types of rares in the game. Rares play a very important role in the game.

For a particular map, some rares are useful while some of them are of no use at all. It totally depends on the map.

After reading this post, you will be able to differentiate between useful and useless rares of the game.

Various types of rares:

Aluminum Fish Uranium
Amber Furs Whales
Bison Silk Wine
Citrus Silver Wool
Coal Spice
Copper Sugar
Cotton Sulphur
Diamonds Titanium
Dye Tobacco

Which rares to look for?

Its very important to know which rare is important for you in the game. Its important to put merchants on the right rares first and use them well.

The following rares are very important. They are sometimes game changing rares. If you lose them, you might lose the game.

Game Changers:-

Rares - Game ChangersSilver, sugar and diamonds are very much needed for your boom. Relics gives you knowledge benefits. Gems help you to push your city borders. You can grab territory and cramp your opponent. Papyrus reduces science research by 25%. It comes quite handy when your Chinese who have already got 20% free on science research. So, Chinese and papyrus together can make a deadly combination. Always look for these rares to raid. If you miss them then you might miss the game.

Army Rares:-

While making armies, you need discounts. Imagine, getting cheaper armies than your opponent. It helps a lot. Look for these rares before creating your armies.

Rares 1 - 2One of my favourite rares is cotton. It helps you make armies +25% faster. It comes quite handy when you want to attack your opponent fast. Americans and salt together also make a great combination. While furs help you get cheap military research and horses help you get cheaper cavalries.

Water map rares:-

The following rares should be used in a sea map:-

Citrus:- This rare comes very handy when your fighting navy battles. Your ships automatically heal. Whales and Fish are found in water. Rather than creating farms you can fish. Create fishing ships and put them on these rares. Along with food you will also get wealth and metal. Why waste 40-50 wood on farms when you can get the same output along with wealth and metal by making a fishing ships.

Copper:- It provides +20 metal as well as dock and factory units receive +20% hit points. So chances of you winning the sea battle with an equal army as your opponent is more because you are using copper.

Try to get rares which give you knowledge. They help you in your overall boom. Boom depends a lot on knowledge. So try using more knowledge rares also.

How to manipulate rares?

You should also learn to manipulate rares. Imagine a start scenario. You have +80 Food and +100 Wood. Nearby you have bison which gives you +20 food. So instead of creating 2 villagers and creating 2 farms, you can put 1 merchant on bison and save resources. Always use nearby rares for your benefits. Just think a little and play smart. By manipulating rares you will definitely save time and resources.

In this way rares matter a lot in the game. You get useful rares and win the game. That is why raiding rares is also important.