Let me get a bit advanced now.

What is raiding?

Raiding is basically attacking economy related units such as villagers, merchants, fishing ships, etc. By killing them, you kill your opponents economy i.e. boom and have a better chance of winning the game. Raiding is an art which when executed properly kills your opponent’s boom and sends him/her to the stone age.

Raiding can be done in any age. Age 1 raid is known as ancient raid. I’ll emphasize on ancient raids and sea raids in my future posts. Let me start off with basic raids which are performed in Age 2.

How to raid?

Raiding depends a lot on your nation as well as your opponent’s nation. Fastest raiding nation in Age 2 is Mongols. But there are other nations which have great raiding units.

Basic Raiding Steps:- (Age 2 Raid)

– Get economy to 100 food and 100 wood (or 125 in case of British) and advance to age 2.
– Built stable asap.
– Simultaneously research Military 2.
– Create Horse Archer or Heavy Cavalry.

Raiding 1– Send them for raiding. Look for economical units like villagers (Esp. on mines and woodcutters) or merchants or caravans.

Raiding 1 HANote that the arrows indicate the ways to raid.
– Then continue booming.
Note that you don’t waste time in accumulating units for raid. Just send them the moment you create them. Don’t forget to change the unit stance to raiding while raiding.

I’ll be writing about “Army Stances” later.

You can also raid with multiple units. This is known as “Full Army Raid”.
Use general’s ability of ambush or forced march to help you raid better.

Raiding - Full ArmyPros:
– When executed properly, you kill your opponent’s boom.

– If you fail at raiding then you end up wasting your valuable resources esp. wood and wealth.

Raiding is a double-edged sword.

How to defend raids?

Sometimes, you are slow to research Age 2 and your opponent raids you before you can raid him. Remember one thing in raiding – “Always be the first to raid”. So at that point of time you have to defend his raids and possibly counter him back.

Ways to defend raids:

– Build towers at proper positions.

Raiding 1 defence
– Build stable asap and create a light horse (LC). Get it to a proper position where you feel your opponent might raid.


– Build barracks and create an Archer (LI).

– Build Outpost (optional) to avoid full army raids by ambush.

Other ways to Raid:-

You can also raid with different types of units. But some units are stronger to raid like HA’s. Nations like Maya or Dutch are not easy to raid. In Maya, the city keeps firing and your units die faster in the city radius. Be careful while raiding Maya. Dutch merchants fire arrows. So, horse archer’s can’t kill Dutch merchant’s. It loses its health. To raid Dutch merchants either use heavy cavalries (HC’s) or heavy infantries (HI’s).

Raiding - HIThese were the basic raiding techniques. Remember that raiding is optional. While raiding, always try to save your raiding units. Research despot in senate to receive more raiding benefits. Aztecs receive double plunder. Whenever you are Aztecs then you should always raid.

Now go ahead, raid all your opponents and win them over.

Credits: |VoG|_The_Vanguard aka |IND|_Tactical who taught me raiding.