One of the amazing formats of the game. By default, the game settings are standard. Nomad settings are different. In this posts, I’ll emphasize on the basic start to be made in nomad. As the word suggests, you start with just villagers without a city.

Nomad has the following settings different from standard:-
– Start with : Nomad
– Resources : Low
– Technology : Very Expensive and Slow
– Map : Random land map (Preferred) or Random sea map

Some nomad formats have got restrictions on the end age. But these are the most basic settings in nomad.

How do I start ?

In nomad, you start with 3 villagers which are spread on the map. Now, its upto you to find an appropriate location and build a city.

What should I look for before making first city?

– You should be looking for wood and mine, mainly wood. The moment you see a woodcutter of >4 woodcutters, just start building your city. It depends a lot on the map. Most of the nomads have random land maps. So, just move your villagers, identify the map and find an appropriate location.
– As I said it depends on the map. If its Sahara, you will get a lot of wood in the center. If Australian Outback, then see to it your city borders touch the outer sea. So that you can use water for fishing. If its waterhole, then you have to get the center water.
– The best way to find a location is to move villagers towards a center point of the 3 villagers. You will certainly find a good location. Just don’t hurry to build city and expect to get wood. You might just ruin your start and eventually lose the game.

What after city?

– The moment you build city, build woodcutter. Build farms and create villagers. Get economy to +60Food +60Wood.
– Put 2-3 villagers for manual scouting in a random manner.
– Now build library.
– Research commerce1 and build market. Note that in Nubians, you can directly start making a market without researching commerce1.
– Next either research science1 followed by civic1 or directly research civic1. Most of the times you are short of wealth. If wealth is less then directly research civic1.
– Build second city. In nomad, grabbing territory is very important.
– Get economy to +100F +100W, research all four tech’s and age up.
– Sometimes, your opponent comes very close to you. If you feel he might ancient raid or you wish to ancient raid, research military1 and raid.

That was the basic start-up. In nomad, everything is very expensive and slow to research. So invest very wisely and use the best rares. Rares like silver, peacocks and relics totally change the game. The biggest problem is population limit. Try to find peacocks or research an extra military research to extend it. You can micromanage well in nomad unlike standard.