In this game, using your nation is very important. For example, you get Aztecs and you end up booming with it and in the whole game you build only one barracks. Its like wasting the nations special abilities. So, let me emphasize more on nation specific gameplays.

Here are some basic tips when you play the following nations:-

– Build Terracota as soon as you hit age 3. It builds up instantaneously.
– Remember for Americans, armies give you resources. So more the army units you have, more is your boom.
– Research senate asap. Its free in Americans. So don’t miss it.
Can I perform ancient raid? YES !!!

– When you are Aztecs just keep on fighting and raiding. Never boom too much.
– In Aztecs, you get more resources when you fight successful battles.
– Raiding is must in Aztecs.
– Build more barracks because you get free Light Infantries.
– Research despot in senate for more plunder benefits.
Can I perform ancient raid? YES !!!

– Bantu is a great booming nation.
– You can make an extra city. So built 3 cities asap. One extra city means more boom.
– You can grab territory by razing 2nd city and making it in front of your 3rd city.
– Don’t research military unless you want to upgrade your armies. Because in Bantu you have 100% more population limit.
– Armies and villagers move faster. So send 1-2 more extra villager(s) while scout.
– Create light cavalries to defend raids. As the territory is big, archers cannot defend them well.
Can I perform ancient raid? YES !!!

– British have got +25% more commerce limit. So use it well. Boom to the limit. That is why British is known as a slow start nation.
– Build more barracks because you get free archers.
– Preferably research despot in senate because you already have a higher commerce limit.
– Research taxes in temple. They are very cheap.
– Create heavy infantries to protect your archers from heavy cavalries.
Can I perform ancient raid? YES !!!

– Since, villagers and merchants are created instantaneously. Create them wisely and use resources cautiously.
– With Chinese, try researching as many extra science researches as you can. Its 20% cheaper.
– Ideal start is getting Science 1 then getting a wealth ruin while keeping food and wood levels higher then wealth. Then, research Science 2 and Civic 1. Read More
– Create more slingers because they are special Chinese units.
Can I perform ancient raid? NO !!!

– Dutch is one of the best booming nations. So, preferably boom with dutch.
– At start you get a free commerce research. Get merchants to the best rares asap. Try manipulating rares.
– Merchants are hard to kill by raiders esp HA’s. So, to defend them you should send archers to kill heavy infantry raiders.
– Try scouting with a caravan at start. You can raid with caravans and merchants at start esp not letting your opponent build 2nd city.
Can I perform ancient raid? NO !!!

– Egyptians are wondrous. You can snatch good wonders one age before. Read More
– Horse archers i.e Chariots are great raiding units. Raid with them.
– Make 7 farms in each city.
– Light cavalry are good raid defenders. Use them well.
Can I perform ancient raid? NO !!!

– French units heal when they are in the range of general and supply wagon. So, make sure you have a general and a supply wagon on the battlefield.
– With french you can attack really fast. I mean age 2-3 attack.
– With siege factory receive a free wagon. So, attacking Russians becomes easy.
– Create more heavy cavalries. Wait for despot before raiding.
Can I perform ancient raid? NO !!!

– It’s the fastest nation to hit +180 boom with just 2 cities.
– Build a granary, a lumber mill and a smelter asap. Research them asap. Mostly in age 2 or later.
– Heavy Infantries are very strong. You can perform age 2-3 attack well with Germans.
Can I perform ancient raid? NO !!!

– Build an university in every city you build.
– Special units are Heavy Cavalries. Create more HC’s to raid.
– Try not to make scholars till age 3 unless your super booming.
Can I perform ancient raid? NO !!!

– Put more villagers on mine. So, you can get more wealth and create more scholars in universities.
– Don’t go Military 1. Just age up and build mines asap.
– You can keep raiding your opponent continuously since you get refund on every unit dead unit.
– Create more HC’s.
Can I perform ancient raid? NO !!!

– Good booming nation. Fast to reach Age 3.
– Cheaper buildings. So make more buildings esp extra barracks stables.
– Elephants have got free upgrades. Create more elephants and use forced march in general while fighting.
– Ideal attacking age is age 4 or age 5.
– Can raid with elephants also.
– Get more scouts in battle since your opponent might spy your elephants and use them against you.
Can I perform ancient raid? NO !!!

– In Age 1, try researching Military 1 and barracks just to get an extra scout to get more ruins. Optional
– Use hold fire stance when required.
– Scouts can a destroy city/building/wonder in Age 5. Scouts can hide in enemy territory. So get them to proper locations and hide them well. They can also move through trees and can hide well in them.
– Preferably research despot in senate.
Can I perform ancient raid? YES !!!

– One of the best booming nations with a strong infantry.
– Ideal age to attack is Age 2-3. It’s a fast attacking nation.
– Make more farms since they are cheap and you’ll get food faster.
– Ideal gameplay is to go Commerce 2 -> Military 2 -> Age 3 and then spam troops with despot.
Can I perform ancient raid? NO !!! ( Late Ancient raid is possible)

– Build 2nd city asap because you get free villagers. Try building more cities to get free villagers and put them for boom. Read More
– Use free militia upgrades. Convert villagers to militia whenever needed.
– Villagers can repair even when your opponent is attacking it with siege.
– Raze temple at start. Pick a wealth ruin and then build temple in 2nd city later.
– Can raid wit militia (villagers) esp merchants.
Can I perform ancient raid? NO !!!

Lakota:- Read More
– Scout wit at least 5-6 villagers.
– Can built buildings anywhere. So generally built a city ahead from usual. Barracks or stable on the corner to sneak attack the capital.
– Create more cavalry units.
– Build towers on useful rares outside your territory.
Can I perform ancient raid? NO !!!

– You can boom well because your defence is by default strong.
– Sell extra timber (cheap buildings) for wealth.
– Use extra wealth for raiding.
Can I perform ancient raid? NO !!!

– They are one of the best raiding nations.
– Fastest to raid. So, you must always raid. Read More
– Build 2nd city fast. Since, more territory gives more food.
Can I perform ancient raid? NO !!!

– You can trade resources in market in ancient age.
– Put merchants to useful rares asap. Try to manipulate rares.
– Should always boom with them. Try building porcelain tower.
Can I perform ancient raid? NO !!!

– Build more cities to gather more wealth through caravans.
– Elephants are special units. Use them well for raids as well as battles along with general’s forced march. Read More
Can I perform ancient raid? YES !!!

– Cheaper towers and castles. Built them wherever required. Read More
– Build barracks since you get free HI’s.
– Create more scholars since you get more wealth in Romans.
– Try to fight more battles before Age 3 because you get free armor researches.
Can I perform ancient raid? YES !!!

– Build 2nd city asap since Civic 1 is already researched.
– You can go Civic 2 and build 3rd city if you get more ruins.
– More sieges after Age 6 because in age 7 they become rocket launchers.
Can I perform ancient raid? NO !!!

Spanish:- Read More
– Scout well. At start, try to snatch ruins from opponent’s territory with the extra scout.
– Find and use useful rares asap.
– Raid since you know the position of useful rares and approximate resource gathering positions.
Can I perform ancient raid? NO !!!

– Best attacking nation. You can attack asap in age 2-3.
– Ideal age to attack is age 2-3 when they are the most powerful. Read More
– Create more LI’s since they are their unique units.
– Build more siege factories since you get free sieges and try to protect them.
Can I perform ancient raid? NO !!!

Credits: |IND|_DangerousDave for contributing as well.