Chinese – The Power Of Culture

In this post I’ll be emphasizing on Chinese start which includes ruin manipulation. First of all, let me tell you the benefits you get in Chinese:-

  • Science research at the Library is 20% cheaper.
  • Receive Herbal Lore, Medicine, and Pharmaceuticals upgrades for free.
  • Start with a Large City. New Cities you found become Large Cities.
  • Citizens, Caravans, and Merchants created instantly.

When you are Chinese, you should aim to start with Science 1 followed by Science 2. Then, research Civic 1 and continue with your boom.

How to do it?

– Research Science 1.
– Don’t make villagers or farms. Wait and think! Your aim is to keep food and wood more than wealth before getting a ruin so that you definitely get wealth from it.
– After you have researched Science 1 (90 Wood 40 Wealth), you have 200 food, 104 wood and 60 wealth.
– At this moment you have food and wood more than wealth.
– Now, create villagers and see to it that food is greater then wealth. Try to keep it greater then 100 because for Science 2 you require 96 food and 96 wealth.
– Note that in Chinese, villagers are created instantaneously. So be very careful while creating villagers.
– Now find a ruin. Since wealth is the lowest, you will receive wealth bonus from ruin. Usually you will get a ruin in your territory borders. Get it asap.
– Now you can research Science 2 followed by Civic 1.

Note that with this start, you will probably get a 20-25 sec’s delay in aging. In order to avoid your opponent from knowing about it, don’t research Military 1. Just age up! Military 1 is optional depending on the ruins you get.

Other type of start:-

I had come across one more start with Chinese. This is a little advanced start which involves border pushing and grabbing territory. seifer008 does it the best on Gamespy.

It involves the following steps:-

– Research Science 1 followed by Science 2. (Same as mentioned above)
– Research Civic 1.
– Build second city.
– Research Civic 2. Note that for Civic 2 you will need food. So you can make farms and get bonus food to research it faster.
– Build third city.
– Age up or else research commerce1 and then age up.

– If done properly, then you can grab territory and thus gain a lot of resources.
– Cramps up your opponent and he has less territory in short less resources esp wood.

– Little delay in aging. So, your vulnerable to age 2 raiding.
– Depends a lot on ruins bonuses. If you don’t get ruins, then you are certainly losing.

Recorded Game:-

Chinese Start (Click to Download)

Game Information:-

Its a 1v1 between between seifer008 and the_x (el_azteca). seifer008 is Chinese while the_x is Spanish. He executed the Chinese start so well.

Credits: seifer008 for sharing his game.