Now, moving on to the basic start-ups in the game. The following are the starts in the game:

  • Boom Start
  • Rush Start
  • Ancient Raid Start

Boom Start: This is a defensive start. It is basically getting your economy to the upper limit of Age 1 (Ancient Age) which is 100 food and 100 wood for all nations except for British which has it as 125 food and 125 wood. Basic fundamental is to get your economy to the highest economy limit while researching all 4 technologies i.e military, civic, commerce and science.

It should be executed in this order (Standard order):
– Research Science 1 followed by Civic 1.
– Build farms and put villagers on woodcutters simultaneously.
– Then build 2nd city.
– Build a market followed by creating caravans and merchants.
– Research Military 1.
– Then research Classical Age i.e Age up.

Pros: Fastest way to boom and go to Age 2.
Cons: If you are raided in age 1, then you are in danger.

Note that this order can vary based on the map and conditions in the game

Rush Start: This is an offensive start. It kills your opponent before he comes to know about it. But a very risky start. You fail in it, you lose out.

It should be executed in this order:
– Research Science 1 followed by Military 1 OR Directly research Military 1 to save time spent on wood gathering.
– Simultaneously scout and put villagers on farms and woodcutters.
– Build a Barracks.
– Army Composition: Min 5-6 HI’s (Heavy Infantries) + 1 Archer/1 Slinger (Light Infantry).
– Find capital and attack it with HI’s.
– The moment you get capital sac ( i.e 500 Food 500 Wood 500 Wealth), research Science 1 and then Age up. Now you just have to hold the capital till the timer goes off. Keep creating armies.

Pros: If it’s executed properly, then you surely win.
Cons: If you fail in it, then it’s very difficult to get back on your feet.

Ancient Raid Start: Ancient raids are nation specific and can be done by nations like Aztecs, British, Bantu, Iroquois, etc. I’ll be writing about them later in detail. Ancient raid slows down your opponent considerably and gives you an edge in winning the game.

Example :- Aztecs ancient raid (Basic steps)
– Since you are Aztecs so you’ll have Militiary 1 already researched.
– Don’t research Science 1 (Research it after creating HI).
– Build a Barracks. You’ll get a slinger free. Rally point it to ur opponent’s side.
– Build an Heavy Infantry (HI) send it to your opponent.
– Note that you send them asap.
– Don’t let your opponent build 2nd city. This slows him considerably. Attack the city with HI and the slinger(LI) should attack the villager(s).

Pros: Successful Execution – You have an edge in winning the game.
Cons: Unsuccessful Raids – You are a little slow but that is comparably a good position then a failed rush.

Note that your start should be nation specific and condition-based. I’ll cover nation specific starts soon.