Aztecs – Power of Sacrifice

One of my favourite nations is Aztecs. With Aztecs, your main motto should be “fight” and “raid”. I prefer the ancient raid start with Aztecs.

First of all let me emphasize on the benefits you get with Aztecs.

  • Receive free Light Infantry whenever you build a new Barracks, one at start, two with classical and a military research, three with gunpowder age and 3 military research.
  • Receives 15 bonus resources per age up to 60 for each enemy killed.
  • Plunder from enemy buildings increased 100%.
  • Start with 1 level of Military Tech already researched.

How to Ancient Raid?

– Don’t research Science. Build barracks and rally point it towards your opponent.
– Once your barracks is built, you will get a free slinger.
– Create a heavy infantry.
– Now, your main goal should be to avoid your opponent from making 2nd city.
– When you come across your opponents villager(s) making city. Attack the villager with slinger and attack the city (half built) by heavy infantry. If your HI is far behind then attack city with slinger. It avoids your opponent from making his 2nd city and eventually slows him down.
– Note that you can create an archer and one more heavy infantry also to raid more. But this can affect your boom. If you plan to raid extensively, you can. But see to it that you scout well to make up for your slow start.
Now suppose your opponent gets his 2nd city. Then attack villagers, merchants and caravans.
– Try to save your armies if they are low in health.
– Your opponent will try to build a barracks. Try to delay him from building it and raid whatever you can.
– Once you have created HI, research Science 1 followed by Civic 1.
– While raiding, build 2nd city and continue to boom normally.

In this way you slow your opponent as well as get raiding plunder.

Now, if you are not attacking. Like for example, in a 3v3 game you are in the center (pocket). Follow the same start but don’t make a HI(optional). Scout with the free slinger.

How to counter this raid?

Well, it depends on your nation. I’ll mention common ways to defend it :-
– Get minimum 2 villagers into city so that your city starts firing.
– Attack slinger with villagers. Probably >3 villagers.
– The moment a villager has low life, get it into the city to heal.
– Research Military 1 and get 1-2 units. Try to make opposite units based on opponent’s raiding units. Probably a HI against a slinger. Just see to it that you don’t fight 1v1 archer with a slinger.

I guess this post maybe a little advanced. But its not difficult to perform. With practice you’ll be used to it.