Whenever you are attacking, you need a compact army to win the game for you.

Let me tell you about the various units in the game and their strengths along with their weaknesses.

Barrack Units:

Barrack has 4 types of units:-

– Slinger (Light Infantry)
– Hoplite (Heavy Infantry)
– Archer ( Light Infantry)
– Scout

Army Basics (Barracks)Stable Units:

Stable has 3 types of units:

– Light Horse (Light Cavalry)
– Cataphract (Heavy Cavalry)
– Horse Archer (HA)
– Note that in case of Indians and Persians you have elephants also. Elephants are very strong units but slow to move.

Army Basics (Stable)Siege Factory Units:

Siege factory has 2 types of units:-
– Catapult (Siege)
– Supply Wagon : Used to protect units from attrition levels. Attrition is basically wearing down i.e your units start losing health in opponents territory. Attrition can be researched in towers. Attrition upgrades are free for Russians.
– Note that you also get anti – aircraft after age 5. It is strong against planes.

Army Basics (Siege Workshop)Castle Units:

Castle has 2 types of units:-

– General
– Spy

Army Basics (Castle)Other units:


Dock has 4 types of units:-

– Heavy ships (HS)
– Light ships (LS)
– Bombardment ships
– Fire ships (FS)


Airbase has 3 types of units:-

– Fighter Aircraft
– Bomber Aircraft
– Helicopters

These are the various types of units in the game.
Now let me emphasize on their strengths and weaknesses.

1v1 Battle between units:-

– HI vs LI = LI
Note that HI wins against slinger till age 3. After age 3, slinger wins. While HI loses to archer in all cases.

– HI vs HC or LC = HI
Heavy infantry wins every time.

– HI vs HA = HA
Horse Archer kills heavy infantry.

– HA vs LI = LI
An archer takes over a horse archer.

– LC vs HA = LC
Light cavalry chases a horse archer and kills it.

– Scouts kill spies. Spies kill spies.
– Generals, sieges, spies and scouts are defenseless.

– HS vs LS = HS
Heavy ships destroy light ships.

– HS vs FS = FS
Fire ships blast heavy ships.

I have managed to cover all the units. You can also view their strengths and weaknesses while playing. Just click on them and read the information. There you’ll find their details. Note that I haven’t included about planes in this post. Will write about it separately.

Army basics units

So next time you fight a battle, see to it that you put the right units against each other so that you win the battle and eventually the game.